Some ads, when Adsense advertising does not appear, are for our own services or specific sponsorships. The rest are direct sales.

I don’t want to know about crazy banners with alien-themed ads, or crap that is impossible to close.

I don’t write “sponsored”/paid articles or tweets.

I don’t publish prefabricated advertising pseudo-articles.

I don’t exchange links or articles. This is a personal blog and I link to what interests me, what I like or what is directly related to what I draw and/or write.

NO, no links are sold in the content.

In this blog have been published 6749 articles, of which 543 are also available in English, 300 in French, 149 in Portuguese, 142 in Russian, 135 in Chinese, 132 in German, 102 in Japanese, 40 in Italian, 1 in Turkish and 1 in Indonesian.

At the moment, according to server statistics, the average number of unique visitors per day is over 1000 and is expected to rise. With some regularity the site registers peaks of between 10K and 15K visits/impressions per day.

The domain has been online since 14 January 2002. Since then I have been through a number of hosting companies.

This blog was hosted from 1 July 2010 until March 2019 by Redcoruña on one of their powerful dedicated servers, which later passed to Host Europe and then to GoDaddy, as a result of a partnership agreement. After the end of the experience, I am still hosted with them as a client. In April 2020, I had to migrate to Hostinger in a hurry because we got kicked out.

On 30 January 2021, I migrated again, again under a partnership agreement, this time to LucusHostwhere I am currently hosted on a Master plan with which I am more than satisfied.

any advertising of anything at any price? No.

Huge graphic banners leading the site, ads with annoying sounds, sheet-size page stealers that invade as welcome, intesticials, tabs under the content, popups, CPA, CPM’s, CPV’s and other crazy CéPéCéSes based on minimums of 100.000 unique daily visits with indefinite, variable, ambiguous and impossible prices, ghost clicks, agencies, resellers, and other scams …for me everything is simpler, own rates.

This is the personal blog of a freelancer, I am not looking to earn four cents in exchange for twenty thousand impressions, nor have I created the site in order to fill it with advertising.

This site has its own conditions, habits and vices and I am very clear that advertising will never be able to subordinate me to the intrusive, taxing and above all unfair model of profit that benefits in almost all cases only intermediaries and advertisers and to whom you have to be grateful and scared so that they are happy in exchange for a pittance that they usually pay how and when they want.

I still believe in a different kind of advertising, but in the meantime I will not accept business as usual.

Before you consider advertising here you should know that your advertising does not give you any influence to believe that you can decide to alter, or suggest, a change in the content, form or appearance of this site, or in the opinions expressed by visitors in their comments or in the subject matter of the vignettes that will appear. I advise you to read this site before contacting us.

You are renting a space to advertise your products, end, with this you do not receive editing or modification privileges on my/our opinions. Agencies sell advertising at their price, I sell at mine.

I also don’t sell anything on commission that I don’t know about, I am not interested in participating in affiliate or reseller programs unless I am a customer of the product in question, have tried it and find it useful. I am not interested in advertising proposals that do not have a fixed payment associated with them, nor do I deal with resale intermediaries or marketplaces.

There is no need to discuss or haggle. You have your prices and this company has theirs, as usual.

Forget also the traditional link exchange request, I only link to sites I am interested in, visit and read. No reciprocal link pacts.

I don’t publish sponsored posts.

have I already told you NOT to sell links disguised as natural links in the content?

If you have any offer or proposal we can always talk about it Contact

All ads must be approved before publication.

Although the subject matter is not completely restricted, not just any kind of advertisement is accepted.

Priority is given to:

Those advertisements that have a certain relationship with the subject matter of the site: editorial services, comics, drawing or design material, cultural activities, magazines, concerts, cinema, music, exhibitions, etc.


Advertisements for medicines of any kind that promise miracles or not, products for diets or other slimming stories, weapons, pseudosciences, tarot cards, clairvoyance and other related rolls, pornography, political parties and similar, religious stories of any confession, casinos and sports betting or of any other kind, multilevel rackets, cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, trading and derivatives or anything else that you consider dubious.

Payment is made in advance.

The client will have a statistics area to check the status of their advertisements.

When the end of the contracted days, clicks or impressions approaches, an automatic warning will be sent in case you wish to renew. At the end of the contracted service, the ads will be deactivated.

Advertisements will ALWAYS appear labelled as “Advertising” or “Ads”.

No sponsored articles are published.

No links are sold in the content.


I do not publish or exchange sponsored articles, nor do I write or publish third-party advertising articles with links.

I do not sell links in existing content.

There is also the possibility to show your ads only in certain regions or countries to target your ads only to specific countries. You can propose a list of countries to add only those where you want your ads to be seen (white list) and if you want, another list where you do not want the insertion.

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Ads can be added in a variety of sizes and formats such as Javascript, CSS, HTML or PHP, including multiple layouts in rotation in almost any location.

They are displayed both for PC, tablet and mobile users (even on specific pages of your choice), you can also buy a certain number of impressions or clicks and even schedule specific days and times at which they will be displayed.

For doubts and questions about prices you can use the page of contact us.


Reports of clicks, impressions and CTR are generated in PDF or CSV format. Here you have a example of a report.