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Barcelona, 1967. Self-employed cartoonist, without premises or employees. Catalan, settled in Andalusia since 1982. Decided to self-publish on the web.

I have been drawing for more than 25 years for different media.

In the early 90’s I edited the fanzine Ráfagas. After many years in the local press doing current affairs cartoons for weeklies and magazines, I started working for the newspapers El Correo de Málaga and El Correo de Andalucía

I have also collaborated with other national and international media.

To remember

My passage from adolescence to youth took place between the 80s and the 90s. Like all children, I was already drawing, the only difference being that, although I did it badly, I continued to practice as an adult.

With the contagious feeling of cultural effervescence of the decade, I ended up moving naturally, almost without realising it, from the purely artistic (without abandoning it), to the “humorous” to find myself with the fanzines of humour, comics, music, social criticism and so on that still flourished in print in abundance in those days.

Those publications were a good tool to channel the rebelliousness of our age and to express and read opinions about everything that interested us, practising free expression in an environment that we considered absolutely free and far from any control and imposed social norm inherited from the embers of post-Francoism, which of course we openly rejected.

My origins and first contacts with satirical publications and traditional (and not so traditional) comics were in the industrial and working-class suburbs of a big city like Barcelona at a time of a strange mixture of eternal crisis dragged down by generations and a desire for change.

The contact with the traditional press and later with the internet was equally natural and gradual as it was with fanzines, any form of publication was susceptible to be used as long as it allowed expression without interference

Aware of my social condition, more than assumed, of what decades ago was called “middle class” (now a subterfuge to embellish poverty), I was forced to combine the activity of drawing with what we call “food jobs” (read a job with a salary that allows filling the fridge) something that even today most artists of any discipline must achieve in order to survive.

Until I was finally able to dedicate myself fully to this, something that happened not so long ago by chance and which I hope to be able to maintain, as it is not always easy, not even for those authors with “weight” as a signature.

Although today the approach is quite different, I think that for many cartoonists there is still a lot of that essence. The Internet has become a new, immense and crazy fanzine with supposedly independent plots in which to take, assume and defend positions.

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Autor JRMora

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And here I write down things that I am doing.


Author 2022 – September. Group exhibition organized by the Quevedo Institute of Humorous Arts of the FGUA on the occasion of the XXIX MIAH sabout the war in Ukraine with cartoons by authors from several countries. From 23 September to 30 October at the Antiguo Hospital de Santa María La Rica in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). List of participants.

Author 2021 – May. Collective exhibition of graphic humour “Tinteros con tapón. La Libertad de prensa amenazada” organised by the Instituto Quevedo de las Artes del Humor. From 6 May to 13 June in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) + info. Video of the opening

Author 2020 – October. Collective exhibition of graphic humour on bullying organised by the magazine El Batracio Amarillo, Motril(Granada). More infoReview.


2020 – Friday, 19 June – Group exhibition “Balcones.Viñetas de la pandemia” at La Sala Virtual del Instituto Quevedo de las Artes del Humor (IQH) of the FGUA with the participation of 75 authors from 14 countries. +Info. Access to the opening.

Author2020 – (Date to be confirmed in January). Two cartoons for a group exhibition of Spanish cartoonists organised by Reporters without Borders in response to the NYT ‘s decision to remove political cartoons from its pages. Provisional info.


2019 – Group exhibition organised by Pedro PX Molina as part of the programme of events for How Did We Get Here? 1 November to 3 December. Ithaca , New York. +Info

Author2019. Cartoons in the exhibition “UNI + UNO = UNO. Universities for sustainable development” in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). More than 100 cartoons by 70 cartoonists from different countries. Opening

Some photos.

Patio Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Rectorado UAH) and in Calle Mayor and Calle Libreros in Alcalá de Henares until 9 February 2020. Info.

Author2019. Group exhibition “El cambio climático no tiene gracia II”. Ballena Blanca Magazine. Inauguration

Author2019 – Two illustrations for the collective anti-militarist exhibition “Blood Money: A(n)Rtimilitarists against the Bardenas shooting range and wars” in Navarra/Bilbao/Zaragoza. From 15 November to 15 December. + Info

Author2019. Collective exhibition “Prohibido Prohibir”. XXVI International Exhibition of the Arts of Humour organised by the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá (Madrid) from 12 September to 3 November. Theme: “The limits of humour”. + Info.

Author 2019 – Cartoons for the exhibition “La càrrega o la violència de l’Estat contra el poble” at the Museum of La Garrotxa, Olot(Girona). From 23 March to 18 August + Info

Author2019 –

Author2018 – Cartoon for the campaign #NoTeOlvides +Info

Author2018Vignette in gallery at the parliamentary day of debate on the reforms of the Gag Law. Photo: La-polí

Author2017- Collective exhibition “Portraying Donald Trump” at the 35th International Comic Fair of Barcelona, curated by Jaume CapdevilaKap“. Exhibition of cartoons by cartoonists from all over the world. Photoinfo: (1) – (2

Author2016 – Exhibition Kadesh (Peace) 2016, Istanbul (Turkey) From 7 January to 15 February 2016. Vignettes

Author2015 – Permanent exhibition of vignettes at the Museum of Humour in Casasimarro (Cuenca

Author2015 – From 16 November to 31 December. Vignette in the exhibition “La mujer decide la sociedad respeta”, at the Biblioteca Camp de l’Arpa-Caterina Albert in Barcelona, curated by Meca and based on works and text fragments from the monographic #NoLeyGllrdn. The exhibition, promoted by the magazine Trasversales, was inaugurated at the beginning of 2015 (video) at the Biblioteca de Sant Gervasi-Joan Maragall (Barcelona

Author2015- . IV Exhibition “Humoristas Gráficos por la Libertad de Información”- Reporters Without Borders. CaixaForum Madrid, from 3 to 18 May. 70 drawings by 70 authors. Brochure

2019 – Central Courtyard of the Parliament of Cantabria. From 4 to 30 April, opening the programme of the 1st Cantabria Digital Journalism Congress organised by +Info

Author2015 – January 30th. 10 myths about the elections. Exhibition/conference, headquarters of ASORTE (Association of Deaf People of Tenerife) with the support of FASICAN (Foundation of Associations of Deaf People of the Canary Islands) video of the conference

” ” 2015 – 17th July, vignettes for talk “Las TIC y la democracia” Tenerife Lan Party, Auditorio de Tenerife. + Info.

Author2013/2021- Itinerant collective . Fair Trade. Organised by the Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo

Exhibited in 21 locations in 7 autonomous communities in 2014.


Autor JRMora2013- 1st June. Inauguration at I Feria de la Economía Solidaria de Madrid (Matadero) See.

Author2013-15 June. IV Fair Trade Importers Fair. Centro Dotacional de la Arganzuela (calle Canarias, 17-Madrid).

Author2013- 14 / 15 June. VI Solidarity Economy Fair. Santo Domingo Market (Pamplona).

Author2014- Until 24 January (Córdoba), three halls from 22 to 29 January (Sagunto) See more dates and cities. Banyoles, Calella, Zaragoza and

Author2018- 17th May. Valladolid, Plaza de España. World Fair Trade Day

Author20194 and 5 May. 4th Monzón Economy and Sustainability Fair.

Author2021 – 2 December, Alicante. 1st meeting on social cohesion and cooperation, Alicante cultural city. Programme

Author2012 – Collective in “Modernícolas” party (Málaga) together with Álvaro Gastmans, José Pablo García, Jose A. Gómez Caballero and Omar Janaan.

Author2012- Collective “Viñetuelas!By Omar Janaan -From16th February to 9th March. Central Gallery of the University of Málaga. +Info

Author2010- Cartoons for the installation “The Walls of Europe”- 6 November, Dresden (Germany). Organised by the association “Bürger.Courage” / +Info

Author2010- Group exhibition, International Caricature Exhibition in Mexico, Cancun (Quintana Roo), on global warming. December 2010, organised by the Unión Iberoamericana de Humoristas Gráficos and the magazine Humoris Causa. See vignettes from the exhibition

Author2010- Collective exhibition Best of Toonpool60 cartoons by different authors from all over the world in Izmir

Author2010- Individual exhibitionHumor de Ayer para hoy “, compilation of cartoons of graphic humour, Comic Museum of Calpe (Alicante) from 16th February to June 2010

Author2009 – Collective exhibition of graphic humour for press freedom at the Gothenburg Book Fair (Sweden)

Author2008 – Collective exhibition- “Me río por no llorar ” the vision of the cartoonists about the Aznalcóllar spill ten years later, duration of the exhibition: 5 months. Opening: 1 February 2008 in the Pavilion of the Universe in the Isla de la Cartuja (Seville)

Author2007 – Collective exhibition with more than 90 cartoonists from different countries in an erotic humour salon in Santa Clara (Cuba) coordinated by Martirena and Méndez on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the magazine Melaíto

Author2007 -(15 November) to 2008, Collective exhibition “Humoristas gráficos por la libertad de prensa 2007 ” Organised by Reporteros Sin Fronteras in FNAC Callao de Madrid together with other 90 cartoonists, itinerant, Córdoba, Segovia and other locations

AuthorThe Tunnel of Laughter” in “VenDeRisas”, individual exhibition of graphic humour vignettes during the XXXI Jornadas Técnicas de Relaciones Públicas – CENTRO ESPAÑOL DE NUEVAS PROFESIONES, 18 and 19 April 2007- Pictures

Author2007-Humor gráfico para expo 32 copa América de vela 2007Collective exhibition and catalogue book, organiser Luis Conde

Author2007-Cartoonists for gender equalityTravelling collective exhibition with 22 cartoonists from 22 countries, organised by the Consejería de Empleo y Mujer de la Comunidad de Madrid on the occasion of International Women’s Day, from 23 February to 25 March in four venues in Madrid (Galileo, Latinarte, La paloma and Centro)

Participants:Blasberg (Argentina); Tsocho Peev (Bulgaria); Huang kun,Yu liang, and Ni Rong (China); Vladdo (Colombia);Oki (Costa Rica); Falco, and Adán,(Cuba); Pancho Cajas (Ecuador); Node, JRMora, Sex, and Enio Navarro(Spain) Derkaoui (Morocco) Rocko (Mexico); Firuz Kutal (Norway);Kilia (Dominican Republic) Florian-Doru Crihana (Romania) Omar Zevallos (Peru) Doris (Poland) Enos (USA)

Since its creation, this exhibition has visited various countries under the auspices of entities and associations that promote gender equality, 2008 –Colegio de Abogadas del Estado (Oaxaca, Mexico), El Instituto Colimense de las Mujeres (Colima, Mexico), the Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (Cuba), 2008 – universities such as UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México,) 2009 – at the Studenkar of the University of Umea (Sweden) This same year he returns to Spain, to the “Pintores” hall of the Diputación de Cáceres2012 –Courts of the judiciary of Yucatán (Mexico) – 2013 – 8th March at The Arts House (Singapore) and simultaneously at the Ducal Palace of Pastrana (Guadalajara) + Info

Author2006-2007- Coordinator and participant of the travelling collective exhibition “Especula en acción“, graphic humour about property speculation in Spain, with the participation of:Ana Belén Rivero, Chuck Navarro, Daniel Cruz, Christian Garduño, Lamberto Ortiz, José María Varona “Ché”, Félix González, Xavier Águeda, José Luis Castro “Lombilla”, Morgan, Art Molero, Marisa Babiano, La Rata Gris, Ulises Ponce, Gatoto, Magnum, Juan Kalvellido, Álvaro Peña, Manuel Sánchez, Ms. Orzuj, Enio Navarro, Enio Orzuj, Enio Navarro, Enio Orzuj, Enio Orzuj, Enio Navarro. Orzuj, Enio Navarro, Sergio Serrano, Jobi, Bruno Ibáñez, Carlos Azaustre and Raquel Catalán. Inaugurated in Antequera (Málaga) on 17th December 2006, also in Rincón de la Victoria, Barcelona, La Garriga, Riópar, Elche and other cities.

AuthorWorks published in the book: “Paradojas poco ortodoxas” (Unorthodox paradoxes) Edition published within the activities carried out in the IV Edition of the itinerant cultural exhibition Nomads, artists of the movement.

Author2003-Itinerant collective “Nomads” in Costa del Sol (16-24 May) Guadalhorce (6-14 June) Serranía de Ronda (27 June-5 July) Axarquía (18-26 July) Antequera (8-16 August
) Málaga city (29 August-20 September)

Author2001-Itinerant collective“Nomads” in Campillos, Manilva, Benaoján, Alhaurín de la Torre and Nerja

Author2000-Itinerant Collective “Nomads” in Antequera, Ronda, Torrox, Valle de Guadalhorce, Estepona and Malaga, Malaga Provincial Council, Office of Youth Programmes.
Author2000-Collective oil paintings for Tenencia de Alcaldía Ayto. de Fuengirola (Málaga)
Author2000 -Virtual room Círculo De Arte web.

Author1999-Individual “La Vida es Chiste” (three years of graphic humour in Antequera) cultural week
“La Cuenta Atrás”

Author“Collective exhibition Casa de Cultura Ayto de Teba

Author“Collective exhibition IV fair of the villages of Malaga, Teba stand

Author1998-Individual “Solo Niños“, oils and inks, Sala Unicaja de Antequera” – Collective I exhibition of local painters, Sala Pintores Andalucía
Author1997-Individual “Vuelos del ayer” oils and nibs Casa de Cultura Ayto. de Antequera

Author1989-Individual oil paintings and inks Al Malaqí Cultural Society (Málaga).


Author2020 – Cartoon in the ibro: “SPE Ensino Médio – Língua Espanhola” for teaching Spanish to secondary school students by Editora Positivo (Brazil

Author2020 – Cartoon on the relationship between artists and the government for the cover of the book “Seis ensayos en búsqueda de nuestra desmitificación” by Fernando Valerio-Holguín (Perfil). (USA, Dominican Republic).

Author2020 – Cartoon for the book “Dilo en Voz Alta, 1re” for teaching Spanish in France and aimed at students aged 16-17. Publishing house Les éditions Didier (France

Author2019- June. Vignette in didactic activity for the book “Proyectos”, paper and digital, for distribution in North America. Editorial Difusión (Barcelona

Author2019 – Illustration for Spanish language textbook for French students in 1st year of baccalaureate. Collection “En Contacto”. ISBN and legal deposit: 9791035804848. Publisher HUMENSIS : BELIN Éducation (France

Author2019 -Illustrationsfor the 4th Memory Map (Student Movement) of the 25M Institute. (+ ) Previous maps illustrated by Marta Horcas, Bea Luc and Miguel Brieva

Author2018 – Cartoons in the book155 dibuixos contra el 155“, 47 authors under the brand D-SF, “Dibujantes sin Fronteras“. 160 pages in colour, prologue by the jurist Joan Queralt. Editorial Efadós.
With the participation of

Author 2017 -December. Campaign10 points without a gag” against the gag law of NoSomosDelito.

Author 2017 – Cartoons for the article ” Soy/No soy Charlie: secuelas inmediatas en la red” ( I am/am not Charlie: immediate aftermath on the net) by Isabelle Touton (University of Bordeaux Montaigne, France) which analyses the response of cartoonists to the 7 January 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Marco Kunz ‘s book ” Catastrophe and violence ,
Historical event, politics and cultural productivity in the Hispanic world

Studies in Ibero-Romanic literature. LIT Verlag (Academic Publishing House, Germany)
ISBN 978-3-643-90944-2 (+info

Author2017 – Cartoon for the campaign “Rebelión Quioscos” (Vigo) Images (1)-(2)

Author2017 – Cartoon in the fanzine “On the freedom to emigrate and the walls that prevent it” Assembly CIE Aluche (Madrid)

Author2016 – Cartoons for the book Cercanía Joven 3, Editorial SM (Brazil)

Author2015-Page for the fanzine Gruñiverso nº 11. Presentation 27th June.

Author2015 -June. Illustrations for the book (ebook and paper ) “Principles and algorithms of concurrence“by Ricardo Galli.

Author2015 – Vignettes for the education book “Identity ” – 9th year – 1st. Edition. Paper and digital. Editora Moderna

Author2015 -Vignette for activity in the book “1º ESO Lengua castellana y literatura 14?, Editorial SM (Spain)

Author2015- From the 3rd of January. Vignettes (Saturdays and Sundays) for the digital Context CTXT until nowadays.

Author 2015 Cartoon for the book: ESCALAS, Espagnol 1ère (paper and digital version) Publication date: April 2015. Print run: 20 000 copies. Publisher Hatier (France)

Author 2014. Cartoon in the December issue of the monthly newspaper, “Platypus Review“, online and print, of The Platypus Affiliated Society. (International student organisation, USA)

Author 2014. November- Cartoon and interview (signed by Ezgi Askoy) for the nº 1199 of the humorous magazine LeMan (Turkey) on this issue and some other topics such as censorship.

Author 2014 -Article by Isabelle Touton. University Bordeaux 3-Michel de Montaigne (France) The graphic jokes of El Roto and J. R. Mora as an anti-neoliberal “weapon of passive destruction” for the monograph “Democracy and capitalism: the function of culture” in nº 1 of the journal of ALCESXXI (Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cine Españoles Siglo XXI)

Author 2014 Vignette for the 10th issue of the fanzine “El Gruñiverso”

Author2013- Weekly cartoon for Gurusblog (Thursdays) from 3 April to 29 March 2017. See all

Author 2012- Cartoon on tax amnesty in CNT newspaper (June) -Download.

Author 2012Page for the magazine Generación Y, for the final project of a group of students in their last year of journalism at the University of Navarra.

Author 2012 – Cartoon for the book “Cargols!” by Franchu Llopis Surrallés

Author2012-Cartoon for Spanish learning book, SM publishing house (Brazil), Title: CERCANIA ESPANHOL 8, 1st edition. Authors: Ludmila Scarano Coimbra, Luiza Santana Chaves, José Moreno de Alba. Release date: 2014.

Author2012 – Cartoon on labour reform for the cover of April magazine, “La Ventanilla Sindical” of CSICA (Confederación de Sindicatos Independientes de Cajas de Ahorros)

Author2011 – Cartoon for solidarity calendar 2012- María García Estrada Foundation. (Tenerife). The funds raised were dedicated to Sarcoma research.

Author2011-Cartoon for the book “Mathematically competent… To laugh” – Editorial Graó (Barcelona)

Author2011-Illustration for the libretto of the carnival comparsa of Antequera (Malaga), also in 20072008, 2009, y 2010


Author2009 – Cover illustration for the book “Costa Nostra” of the Editorial Atrapasueños

Author2009-Cover illustration and interior drawings for the book “Aleta de Tiburón” by Javier Alfayate

Author2009-April-Vignette for Autopsia magazine (Círculo de bellas Artes de Ciudad Real) download copy PDF 6Mb

AuthorAuthor aQA A2 Spanish subject from Nelson Thornes Ltd , 8500 copies over three years for schools in the UK, Commonwealth, North America and Canada.

Author2008 – Cover and Illustrations for the book 10 experiments with hair of the collection “Ciencia Infinita“, Editorial A Fortiori (Bilbao).

Author2008-Cover for the book Ten badly told stories by Miguel Baquero, Editorial ACVF (Madrid).

Author2008-Humorada” book collection of vignettes, January 2007 to April 2008, self-published on (now free to download here).

Author2007-No ganamos para sustos book of cartoons 2005-2006 published by the Centro de ediciones de la Diputación de Málaga (April 2007).

Author-Graphic humour cartoons for the biweekly newspaper “Ecuatimes” born in March 2003 between 7000 and 11.000 copies published in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut for the Ecuadorian community, as well as in Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador, estimated readers per circulation between 10,000 and 15,000 (from July 2006 to the present).

Author2007- 5 cartoons for the book !QUÉ HARTURA! ediciones El Batracio Amarillo presented at the book fair in Granada on May 12, 2007.

Author-Vignettes about internet for Gennio Calle, monthly magazine published in paper and PDF (From October 2006 until it ceases publication, 4 issues).

Author-Opinion for the book: The cartoon and the beginning of the 21st century – El humor gráfico en los inicios del siglo XXI, edited by Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa ( Portugal ) List of participants.

Author-Graphic humour for the monthly magazine CNM-Magazine, print run 5000 copies for the region of Antequera (Malaga) since 05 / 05 / 2006, first issue.

Author-Graphic humour for the weekly leisure-cultural magazine in the city of Valencia “Xtal” newspaper format, 24 pages colour, 30.000 copies ( From 02-03- 2006 )from the first copy to the 4th.

AuthorUnz fortnightly comic page / vignette for Eccus“, university newspaper distributed in 67 universities in 46 Spanish cities with 125.000 copies ( From 06/02/2006 ) until 2008.

Author– 2007, Illustration for the cover of the book “Muy provechosa y veraz relación de las industrias y jornada oceánica de Daniela de Alcántara” by Antonio Arquilllo López, editorial Arguval.

Author-Collaborations in the monthly humour magazine “El Batracio amarillo” (Granada).

Author-Graphic humour for the weekly magazine “La Crónica norte de Málaga” from Sept. 2004 to Sept. 2006.

Author-Collaborations in the fortnightly newspaper “Diagonal” ( Madrid ) March 2005, two issues.

Author-Weekly graphic humour (Sundays) in since 28 November 2004, closed in January 2007 and in February 2007 and became Artistic Point (closed).

Author-Graphic humour and comic for the monthly newsletter LENTERAO ( Madrid ).

Author-graphic humour for LA KODORNIZ from 18/07/05 to 2011.

Author-Comic for MALAVIDA magazine (Zaragoza) special “New technologies” 2004.

Author-Graphic humour for the newspaper “El Correo de Málaga”, Prisa group, from 23 November 2003 until its closure on 31 May 2005.

Author-Graphic humour for the newspaper “El Correo de Andalucía” (Seville), Prisa group, from January 1st 2005 to May 31st 2005.

Author-Weekly graphic humour in Antequera Información Publicaciones del Sur (from June 1998 to September 2004).

Author-A weekly cartoon in El periódico de las Comarcas (closed in 1998).

Author-A weekly cartoon from 1997 to 1998 in the weekly El Sol de Antequera.

Author-Edition of “La Vida es Chiste”, a compilation of humour published in the local press.

Author-Publication of the comic fanzine Ráfagas since 1993, with 7 issues published every six months.

Author-Collaborations in different fanzines.

Author-Illustrations and cover of the book about the Antequera City Council traffic campaign.

Author-illustration for the Antequera 2000 August fair programme, leaflet “Plan Nazareno” and others.

Author-Illustration for “El quijote o rescatar la mano de Cervantes “C.E.I.P. MIGUEL DE CERVANTES (MARBELLA) Fundación Once ,Junta de Andalucía and CEJA.

Author-Collaborations in webs: , , , , www.nonosresignamos,net , , , etc etc -Graphic humour on the PRESTIGE issue in

Author2004 Illustration for the Federación de Planificación Familiar de España campaign “Ley de la Mordaza” (Gag Rule)

Author2004 Agrogant programme and spring fair 2004 Antequera.

Author2004 – Collaboration in a book (unique copy) tribute to Joan Manuel Serrat together with 213 cartoonists from all over the world, hand-delivered to the singer at Christmas 2004, published by Humoralia on behalf of the Spanish-speaking cartoonists’ community.

Author2005-Cartoons for the magazine Iniciativa socialista Numbers 74, 75, 76, 77 (last issue).

Author2006-Cartoons for the magazine “Trasversales” in new issues since January 2006 until nowadays.

Author2006/2009-Collaborations for the fanzine/magazine Veiniuno of the collective Interferencias (Gijón).

Author2007-Vignettes for the magazine of Alcer Lugo (Association for the fight against renal patients).


Author1999-End of the MillenniumConference“La Cuenta Atrás” (Countdown) Cultural Week in Antequera.

Author2000 – 10th anniversary of the Eugenia de Montijo Women’s Association. Teba.

Author2000- IX Conference of reading encouragement “De Fábula” CEIP Ntra Sra Del Rosario (Teba).

Author2004-Agrogant and Spring Fair 2004 – Antequera.

Author2005 and 2006-Posters for tobacco prevention campaign, programme “Ciudad ante las drogas” area of social affairs, Antequera Town Council (Malaga).

Author2007 – Poster for drug prevention


Author2012- Finalist Haxtur awards, humour category, in XXXVI International Comic Fair of the Principality of Asturias. Winner Pawel Kuczynski

Author2010 – February, finalist for the best initiatives of Malaga on the internet, category best personal blog.

Awards from the SUR newspaper (Malaga) to companies, groups, institutions or individuals with Internet sites directly or indirectly related to Malaga and its province and who have stood out during 2010.

Author2008Best humour blog 2008 in the III edition of the 20blogs contest of the newspaper 20 Minutos (Madrid).

Author2007Finalist in the best humour blog category in the 20blogs contest of the newspaper 20 Minutos (Madrid).

Author2006 – Accesit in the First Graphic Humour and NGO Contest “Humor Sin Fronteras“, organized by Fundación Telefónica (Madrid).

Author2000 -5th in IV Painting Contest Community of Prop. Pol. Antequera.

Author1999 – 2nd in III Concurso de Pintura Concurso de Pintura Comunidad de Prop. Pol. Antequera.

Author1999 – 4th in II Concurso de Pintura Comunidad de Prop. Pol. Antequera.

Author1998 – 1st prize in IV Regional Comic Contest of Torredelcampo (Jaén).

Author1997 -1st adult IV Provincial Comic Days “Villa de Estepona”-(Málaga).


Author-Vignettes for interactive DVD edited by the theatre company CONSERVAS on the occasion of the premiere of their play REALIDADES AVANZADAS Barcelona 28, 29 and 30 March 2007

Author– Logo design for the 1st PodcastBlog Marathon ( 6th May 2006 ).

Author-Recording, editing and post-production of a short film for criminology courses, with the collaboration of: Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Antequera, Policia Local de Antequera and Localia Antequera (Málaga).

Author2004 Cover of the “Negar la evidencia” (Deny the evidence) of the Alicante band “MILICIA”.

Author-Set design in the short film by Salvador Álvarez “TEL 090”.

Author-Collaboration humorous strips and sets for local television.

Author-Plastic art workshops for primary school children 1997/1998 1998/99 and 1999-00.

Author-Drawing and painting workshops for the Day Centres for the Elderly in various Andalusian towns.

Author-ENG TV camera work, studio and digital video editing, news and advertising for TeleAntequera (Localia Antequera) (Malaga) from 01 May 2000 until its closure on 27 January 2006.

Autor JRMora