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Billy, 4 nominations for the Goya Awards 2022


Poster for the documentary “Billy”. Design La Boca del Logo

Billy, the 70-minute documentary film written and directed by Max Lemcke and co-produced by Brutos Films and the magazine CTXT about Franco’s torturer Antonio González Pacheco, known as Billy the Kid, is up for the Goya four nominations a Goya Award winner.

This documentary was made possible thanks to the contributions from 1.300 patrons and was premiered in November 2020 at the seventeenth edition of the Seville European Film Festival.


Billy takes us to Spain at the end of the 1960s to portray one of the armed arms of Franco’s regime: “Billy, the Kid”. Antonio González Pacheco, police inspector of the Brigada Político Social, died without being tried despite the demands of some of his victims. This film aims to offer a journey into the past through twenty testimonies of victims and survivors, most of whom were university activists at the time: Chano Galante, Roser Rius, Lidia Falcón, Josefa Rodríguez “Asturias” and Francisco Rodríguez Veloso are some of them.


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