Border Policy

Border Policy

Border Policy. Cartoon of 26/06/2022 in CTXT

On Friday 24 June at least 23 people left their lives at the Melilla fence, although some NGOs say there could be more than 30, but nothing is known about their identities, what they died of or how they died. Nothing. Flesh of no importance.

Another massacre that will go unpunished and will not occupy a single line in the history books. Another news item that expired yesterday.

The images of Moroccan police crossing into Spanish territory to expel “en caliente” (read “in the heat of the moment”) side by side with the Spanish police tell us of a coordinated operation.

On the Moroccan side, the bodies of the migrants, some of them already wounded, are piled up on the ground and kicked and beaten. This image will not become a historic photo either.

The reaction of the Prime Minister to this barbarity is unacceptable

What a shitty bunch of countries, whose territorial integrity and sovereignty are threatened by a handful of unarmed and hungry people.

According to Pedro, the solution is already there, as this is the fault of the mafias (not so long ago it was the fault of the Moroccan government for looking the other way, not anymore) so that their victims die in the mincer pushed by militarised guards programmed to defend to the death four posts tied with wire

Murder and torture under applause. This is the new approach, devoid of all humanity, that they want to sell us as progressive.

Now they are in no hurry to organise an investigation because it doesn’t bring in votes.

And there is talk of “division“in the government. The umpteenth chapter in the infamous theatre of the signatories of the progressive coalition agreement. Rulers who make a fool of themselves day in and day out, pretending to make us believe that they are still the opposition while they are increasing their swallowing habits, which are already bigger than the size of a black hole.


Melilla: “a well-resolved massacre”

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