WordPress 6.5 release delayed by a week

If you were waiting for the release of the final version of WordPress 6.5 on Tuesday, you'll have to wait another seven days because it won't be released until next Tuesday, April 2. The new date has been announced based on follow-up feedback from the

INP is already a core metric of the Core Web Vitals

Today, Tuesday, Google started using INP as a new core metric in its Core Web Vitals, replacing FID for good, although it will still be available in the report archive. INP, in its literal translation, means something like "interaction with the next painting". That is,

WordPress 6.5 performance

WordPress 6.5 beta 2 has been released today, the final version is scheduled for release on 26 March 2024. Here's the schedule for the development cycle. 6.5 is the first of three major releases scheduled for 2024, followed by 6.6 in July and 6.7 in

GenTime, measures the generation time of each page

This is one of the support plugins I usually install when I do optimisation tasks. It's light, simple and useful. It only does one thing. It doesn't have any settings or configuration. Install, activate and you're done. GenTime inspects the time it takes to generate