End of the truce

End of the truce

End of the truce. Cartoon of 02/12/2023 in CTXT

On Friday 1st December the truce came to an end. Only three hours after the agreement was broken, the indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population resumed.

Soon, the media (always faithfully reproducing Israel's propaganda) were already reporting that Israel claimed to have hit 200 Hamas "targets" in "extensive bombardment" of Gaza, only 24 hours later there were already 400.

No matter what, they are still trying to sell us that this genocide is a "surgical" operation, another war term that the US made fashionable in its particular massacres against different populations all over the world.

The one who could not miss the periodic date with shame was the mummy of Josemari. The murderer and liar, member and fundamentalist of the trio of death, once again emerged from his sarcophagus to predict that Spain will pay "dearly" for Sánchez's "blunderous diplomatic error" in accusing Israel of killing civilians.

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if someone had denied the killings and kidnappings of Israeli civilians on 7 October.

Denying the killing of civilians in Palestine should be as reprehensible, condemnable and spat upon as denying any other genocide or holocaust, but, for some reason that escapes my attempt to remain a sane human being, Netanyahu' s butcher must not only be allowed to do so, but his crimes must be hidden and denied. All of them documented, photographed and recorded, some of them even broadcast live.

Israel is not only annihilating the Palestinian population, its crimes also include the systematic demolition of homes, infrastructure of all kinds and official buildings.

"Israel releases footage celebrating its bombing of the Gaza Palace of Justice building. The modern structure, built by Qatar, is considered the first refuge of the rule of law and justice".

And here is the latest data as of 1 December in an infographic by Euro-Med (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor).

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