Israeli army routine

Rutina del ejercito israelí

Israeli army routine. Cartoon of 17/12/2023 in CTXT

TR: Routine army of "the last democracy in the Middle East".

The week went by and the Israeli army continued committing atrocities, that is, the same thing it has been doing for decades in Palestine, but now full time and unceremoniously. They just kill everything that comes their way.

An Israeli sniper killed a woman and her daughter in the Holy Family Church in Gaza. According to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, both people were killed "in cold blood".

An execution, another of many. It does not matter whether they are Muslims or Christians, adults or children, it is enough that they are Palestinians.

That army of the state that many wretches still claim to be the "only democracy in the Middle East" also shot and killed three of its citizens.

These were three Israeli hostages who were shirtless and carrying a makeshift white flag. Their own army ruthlessly executed them "by mistake", they said afterwards.

"The terrorists move around in civilian clothes, in trainers and jeans, there are many ambushes. They try to trick us, they speak to us in Hebrew [...]. The forces are under intense pressure," Israeli army foreign media spokesman Richard Hetch said of what he called an "accident".(Source)

In the end, the hostages received the same treatment that the criminal Zionist state gives to the Palestinian civilian population. Death without question or check, extermination as an immediate response to anything that moves.

These are just a few of the passages that we have been able to learn about because the bombings have continued in the strip and the murderers have continued to eliminate those who can tell us what is happening there.

Samer Abudaqqa, a cameraman for Al-Jazeera Arabic, was killed by a drone while covering the aftermath of Israeli night raids on a UN school sheltering displaced people in the centre of Khan Younis, southern Gaza. He was trapped with other wounded in the school, which was surrounded by Israeli forces, and could not be evacuated for treatment because the army prevented him from being treated for five hours. His Al Jazeera colleague, Wael Al Dahdouh, was also injured in the same attack.

At least 63 journalists and media workers have been killed in the Middle East since the latest Gaza war began. The IFJ puts the number of reporters killed worldwide this year at almost 100. Three quarters of them have died covering the siege in the Strip.(Source)

When the Israeli state cannot execute journalists because there are too many witnesses nearby with cameras, they choose to beat them with rifles, throw them to the ground and kick them. This is what happened to photojournalist Mustafa Haruf of the Turkish agency Anadolu, who was kicked up to nine times in the head by a soldier while another soldier pinned him down with his knee. Before this, one of those soldiers loaded his gun and pointed it at him. Haruf ended up in hospital and another journalist was also attacked in the attack on the press.

Just imagine what these psychopaths can do when no one is watching. Yes, they can always be crueler. Never doubt it.

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