Labour reform in Greece

Labour reform in Greece

Labour reform in Greece. Cartoon of 24/09/2023 in CTXT

The labour reform in Greece was international news for a few hours because it offered the "action" images of the protests, but with the protests it dissipated. That's the way news is. Even the ones that seem to be the most important expire before you blink twice.

The thing is, the right-wing-dominated Greek parliament allows companies to impose a sixth working day, on Saturdays or Sundays, and to vary employees' schedules with 24 hours' notice to adapt them to the needs of production.

In addition, it provides that companies in various sectors can impose a sixth working day for which workers are supposed to receive an additional 40% on top of the daily wage.

Note down the verb. Impose.

Labour reform in Greece 1

April Fair. Cartoon of 09/04/2022 in CTXT

But that's not all, they have also included in the reform that a worker can be dismissed without compensation or having a reason to justify the dismissal if it is a first contract.

Some still believe that this shitty reform will not force the worker to accept this six-day working day and that they will be free to reject it, but we all know that the reality of work never coincides with the legal texts and much less with our wishes.

At this point, here, what was repeated most often in this parallel world where noise and demagogy prevail over reason, was that in Spain the situation is worse with moonlighting because there is nothing to prevent a worker from working 24 hours a day for two or more different companies. So, if he wants to immolate himself, that's his problem, his "freedom". That's the argumentative hogwash of the average sociopathic pseudo-liberal.

Some of those who make certain comparisons are partly right, at least in terms of the "calm" of what they call the social partners in the face of the chronic filth that our labour market has become.

We have all played this game at one time or another. I did it in 2010 with this cartoon. It is inevitable to feel a certain envy of the response to the rights abuses in certain countries around us, which is supposed to be a large community governed by the same values.

Labour reform in Greece 2

In the context of this tiresome and cruel debate, always fuelled by those who seek to normalise exploitation and slavery for the sake of I don't know what bullshit of "freedom" and eternal economic growth (for the usual people), another of the many enemies of the worker was also in the news in Spain.

José Luis Yzuel, president of the Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de España, considers that working more than ten hours "is not bad because in high seasonality, you have to take advantage of it".

In a speech during a conference of his own, the representative of this exploitative riff-raff blurted out that"all our lives in the hotel and catering business we have worked half a day, from 12 to 12".

Look at his face, his gestures, the passion and the emphasis he puts on justifying the exploitation without contemplation. See how he enjoys it.

As brave as José Luis seems when he is surrounded by his clique to spit on the worker, as soon as he feels cornered he fucks himself alive and the only thing he can think of is to get out of the way by assuring that it was all a "joke", a "joke".

There is as much cynicism in their initial words as in the false "apology" which, to top it all off, they call "clarification".

A funny joke would be to install a giant guillotine of foam rubber (provisional material) on the doors of your organisation of exploiters, yours, José Luis, is simple and pure concentrated evil.

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