Latest news from Nurai Island

Latest news from Nurai Island

Latest news from Nurai Island

In December 2020, Pedro Sánchez announced a "roadmap" for the renewal of the monarchy, he said it without laughing.

According to Pedro, author of the farce of "exile"According to Pedro, from Juanca, Felipito number six was going to start doing things for the "transparency and exemplarity" of the institution, but he did not give any details of what or when, only that it would be known "step by step"

The only thing we've seen is the obligatory sucking up to other institutions.

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Also the usual media servility in the purest NO-DO style in colour, read, the little princess passing review to her future classmates, Felipe receiving a medal for his work and the whole repertoire of classic nonsense, many of which are gastronomic nonsenses or of rags.

They have also painted the queen emeritus reincarnated as an exemplary anti-poverty activist.

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Eight months later, no one knows anything about this so-called renovation thing that even they didn't believe.

Sánchez himself was in charge of to act as a spokesperson of the Royal Household that day, the same that says that "we republicans feel, for the most part, very well represented in this parliamentary monarchy that we have" and has the twisted theory that Felipe VI is a guarantor of freedoms and represents I don't know what kind of succession bagpipe of a supposed anti-Francoist struggle, for rights and freedoms and against the dictatorship

Pedro now claims that Zarzuela has "the vocation to move towards a constitutional parliamentary monarchy updated to the standards of values and principles of 21st century Spain". That's nothing.

And to give an example of an up to date constitutional thing, the other day PSOE, PP and Vox killed another commission of enquiry on King Juan Carlos in the Congress. And that's fifteen that they stop.

Where there have been important changes during the last years is in the amount of news about possible misdeeds of Juanca that are published every few years, that's so many that you don't know if they are repeated because they have become so normalised.

Here's a blast with some of the latest moves in no particular order.

  • It appears, oh, what a surprise, another account of the countryman in Switzerland.
  • The lawyers of the Congress oppose the House's investigation into whether Juan Carlos I sold guns illegally.
  • Corinna Larsen denounces Juan Carlos I for harassment and seeks restraining order against the emeritus and the CNI
  • Juan Carlos I took 52 million commission for the sale of Banco Zaragozano and promoted the 'foundations' Zagatka and Lucum.

And there he remains the colleague since the 3rd of August 2020, in his humble villa in the Zaya Nurai Island living like a rock star.

But some journalists do not stop bothering the emeritus, bringing out some shocking reports that will go down in history as valuable pieces of a great collection of journalism.

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From the headline, it might seem that they are talking about all spanish pelople or about those businessmen that they pay what they defraud, but no

Even a so-called journalist, highly trained in the noble art of knee jerkery, has managed to get to Juanca. His mission was to suck up to him very hard, twice. Once in person and once by telling him in the medium where he shouts his daily opinion as if it were information.

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