New GenerateBlocks, tabs and accordion blocks

New GenerateBlocks, tabs and accordion blocks

I still believe that GenerateBlocks will eventually rise above most block plugins and even the occasional builder. Here are 13 reasons to use it, and now there are a few more.

GenerateBlocks was born in August last year with just four blocks that promised you could do almost anything. While this was true up to a point, it made it a bit tricky to recreate certain commonly used functions included in other block plugins and builders.

It would later grow to six blocks with the addition of Grid and Query Loop.

Very soon it will be 8 blocks because two of these functions, common in other block collections, will be added in the next few days, the tabs and the accordion.

New GenerateBlocks, tabs and accordion blocks

In the case of the accordion block, you will be able to put anything inside, removing any limits to creativity. In addition, all of these pieces can be designed on a whim.

This means that we have full control over the title, including all display properties. We can align the elements differently, add icons, images, tabs. You name it. Even any other kind of block within this content, something that not all accordions allow.

New GenerateBlocks, tabs and accordion blocks

Three quarters of the same goes for the tab block. In the version tested by The Admin Bar in a video published on 31 December 2022, three templates appear: horizontal, vertical and button tabs.

Using the one with buttons you can even get the look of a traditional menu with its content already included, and since everything is modular you can mix and match things and give it the look you want to get any design, style and layout you can imagine.

Much of the magic that makes this flexibility possible is thanks to one of the new design options that already offers a good hint in its name: Flex.

New GenerateBlocks, tabs and accordion blocks

All this will be part of their free base version 1.7.0 and/or GenerateBlocks Pro 1.5.0 (I don’t know if the new blocks will be included in their free version) which although they don’t have a date yet, the community forum claims that they will be released in January. The first public alpha versions are supposed to be available sometime in January, so they should be coming soon.

Something that doesn’t seem very elegant to me is that we Pro customers still don’t have access to this alpha version for intensive tinkering and have to find out what’s new from Kyle Van Deusen’s video. I don’t know if this is due to some kind of collegiality, to downloading the wrong “branch” on GitHub, as they say, or to some commercial strategy.

Whatever the case, here is the video in question. The possibilities of shaping these new blocks can be very playful.

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