Official Secrets Commission

Official Secrets Commission

Official Secrets Commission. Cartoon of 09/05/2022 in CTXT

The pegasus case is going to be a hot topic, but for the moment we know absolutely nothing about it. Something that seems to be confirmed, or at least that is what is said, is that the CNI admitted having spied on 18 pro-independence supporters with judicial authorisation.

We know even less about what was said during the four-hour appearance of the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, at the official secrets commission in Congress about the same espionage that they began by denying, then confessed to having suffered and now they are once again hiding behind a door in Congress.

As it was secret, there was no press, nor were mobile phones or other devices allowed in the room. Nor was it possible to record, only to take handwritten notes, but no one was allowed to tell a single word of what was said there. Anybody who speaks out is liable to fines and even to one to three years in prison and disqualification from public office for three years under a law from the time of Franco's dictatorship (1968).

If you expect to hear anything soon, forget it. The documents on the attempted coup d'état of 23-F and those of the the GALamong other stories, are still there in the drawer under seven keys and with no intention of declassifying them, rather the opposite .

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