Pastimes, cartoon of 24/09/2022 on CTXT

Begoña Villacís was photographed with her henchmen dismantling shantytowns in Ventas, Tetuán and Villaverde Alto and took the opportunity to mix the two by talking about "occupation".

"While others open their doors to them, in Madrid we are working for a city model that is incompatible with squatting", he said in his tweet in which he showed off his palms and added a photograph in which he posed like an instagramer and fanatical influencer.

On the City Council's website you can see other photos in which even the names of the files bear the word "squatting".

Villacís and her escort protecting the machinery.

Villacís checking that some poor person has not hidden among the remains of the demolition.

Villacís, smiling, poses proud after the rubble well done.

did anyone expect anything different from people who think they are defending democracy by taking pictures of themselves taking pictures of the removal of flowerpots?


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