PP and Vox, twinned by censorship

PP and Vox, twinned by censorship

Twinned by censorship. Cartoon of 15/07/2023 in CTXT

Here is a list of some of the latest attempts at censorship, some of them completed, by the ultra-right-wing PP-Vox with their respective links, which I have been noting down with the intention of updating them as it is more than likely that we will learn of new cases.

Nor should we lose sight of the practices of the ultra-right in the Hungary of the ultra-right Viktor Orbán. There they impose heavy fines for selling a comic book with an LGTBI theme. Meanwhile, in Spain, comedians continue to be brought to justice for the monstrosity of“offences to religious feelings” that there is no way to eliminate or reform the anachronistic articles 524 and 525 of our Penal Code. This time it has been the turn of the Mongolia boys to be in the dock.

a “beautiful” picture of times that seemed to be long gone.

28/06/2023 – Vox censors the theatrical performance of “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf in Valdemorillo (Madrid). It was one of the first actions of the new ultra-right-wing councillor for Culture and Tourism, Victoria Amparo Gil Movellán, shortly after taking office.

29/06/2023 – The local police of Murcia stopped a concert of Rocío Saiz for showing her breasts and shortly after they had to apologise, but that was the end of the shameful intervention in which even the singer was handcuffed.

01/07/2023 – PP and Vox censure the latest Buzz Lightyear movie in the Cantabrian municipality of Bezana because of the kiss of two women on stage. Yet another anachronistic action of that camouflaged censorship based on a supposed discourse of child protection to qualify as“pornography” any absolutely natural behaviour. As absurd as it is ridiculous.

03/07/2023 – The PP censors a play in Mallorca that deals with eating disorders. It is difficult to explain this decision to censor a content that cannot be described as “ideological”, the argument that is usually the generic catch-all of these idiots.

04/07/2023 – Vox demands the removal of sexual innuendo from the play ‘La Villana de Getafe’ by Lope de Vega. Another nonsense. According to Vox, one of the arguments for its withdrawal is that “it is incomprehensible” that Lope de Vega’s play has been“perverted“.

04/07/2023 – The PP council of Briviesca (Burgos) cancels a charity play about a Republican teacher who was shot. And again generic excuses. The reasons for the cancellation, according to the town hall, were “security” and “economic”.

12/07/2023 – Vox and PP veto ‘Cavall Fort’, ‘Enderrock’, ‘El Temps’ and other magazines in Catalan in the Borriana library.

This case is particularly shocking because, according to Segre.com, the councillor for culture, Jesús Albiol (Vox), went to the library to personally remove the magazines, which he failed to do thanks to the workers who refused to comply with the demands of the censor until they received a written order.

We can also go back a few months to look at other examples

20/10/2022 – Vox applauds the Community of Madrid’s cancellation of Paco Bezerra’s play about Saint Teresa. According to Gonzalo Babé (Vox) it was cancelled for being “harmful and grotesque” and for doing “damage to Spanish culture and to a saintly doctor of the Church”.

31/07/2019 – Madrid City Council bans Pedro Pastor’s concert in Aravaca, just a month before, Almeida had cancelled a concert by Def con Dos for “glorification of terrorism”.

These cheap Trumpists were also annoyed by the odd cartoon, although in all cases they had to sheathe it. Good thing about freedom of expression when it is defended as it should be defended.

And the only strategy is to keep lying to accuse the other of what they are doing, but that’s their parish. They swallow everything.

Whether you have to laugh, or not.

PP and Vox, twinned by censorship
PP y Vox, hermanados por la censura

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