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Public-private collaboration


Public-private collaboration

Cartoon of 03/07/2021 in CTXT

Last week there was a lot of news worthy of a cartoon. And while you may think that this is a joy for the cartoonist, sometimes it can be much worse than the absence of really important information or events.

The summer news drought is over. Now it’s all about a barrage of so-called news and the intervals between infotainment binges are getting shorter and shorter.

Drawing a couple of times a week is more relaxed than the doom of daily obligation, but when what they call current affairs doesn’t rule, the choice of subject matter becomes the main problem. It becomes a real statement of intent based on a supposed balance between selection and sacrifice of subjects.

I think that what was the most remarkable news of the week, not for its novelty, was what was announced as a public-private partnership Ayuso announced as a public-private partnership . This is more than the well-known gift to the companies of a good pinch of everyone’s money. In essence, it is about continuing to dismantle public health centres and opening vaccination centres in El Corte Inglés, El Banco Santander and Acciona.

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The best way to counteract this bullshit is to insist, be patient and get an appointment for vaccination in public hospitals, outpatient clinics or, failing that, in public establishments if in your community there are mass vaccinations in sports halls or other municipal facilities.


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These IBEX parasites are going to get off scot-free anyway, but at least the images of their empty premises will remain as a sign of rejection.

These establishments have an air of something familiar to me.

If it seems surreal to you it is simply because it is, but what is even more surreal is that there are people who either don’t care or even find it normal. Seeing the images of the vaccination dens of El Corte Inglés reminded me once again that, however absurd Idiocracy

, the mythical sci-fi comedy from 2006, may seem to us, reality can always overcome any nonsense.

If you haven’t seen it yet (something that should be punishable by law), so as not to spoil it too much, one of the scenes is a visit to a hospital in 2505.

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