Slow genocide

Slow genocide

Slow genocide. Cartoon of 30/03/2024 in CTXT

Days after this cartoon was drawn, the army of the genocidal state of Israel bombed a group of people returning from distributing food. You didn't have to be a fortune teller to predict it, they have been blocking humanitarian aid for months and using hunger as a weapon of war while bombing those who come close to try to get food.

According to the story, "after a missile hit the first car in the World Central Kitchen convoy, the survivors ran for cover to another car, which was hit seconds later. A third vehicle approached to help the wounded. It was then also attacked.

And what does the spokesman for the killers say? Well, Daniel Hagari says he is very, very sorry and that they are going to investigate. They are going to try to find out why such a powerful army, with such sophisticated and precise weaponry, and despite knowing full well that this organisation was out there doing its job, was able to kill them unceremoniously. Another merit badge in cynicism for this sociopath.

Netanyahu, for his part, quickly dismisses the matter as an "accident" and adds that these are things that "happen in war". Bibi, for whatever reason, forgets that this is not a war.

Israel has not needed much time to "investigate" and attributes the "attack" on the aid workers to "misidentification".

There is no mistake, they have died in the same way as the rest of the people in Palestine, executed in cold blood by that bunch of madmen that Israel calls the army and which is dedicated, among many other barbarities, to shooting children in the head.

The seven members of World Central Kitchen join the long list of unpunished Israeli assassinations in Palestine, numbering in the tens of thousands. According to the latest UNRWA report of 1 April, the total number of its members killed since 7 October is now 173. None of them were so "lucky" with false condolences. Israel accused this organisation of terrorism without providing any evidence.

Reactions here have been as restrained, cowardly and lukewarm as ever.

José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs, did little or nothing and declared: "We regret the death of 7 humanitarian workers of the WCK and demand that the circumstances of these deaths be clarified". As usual, let the killers explain themselves.

Pedro Sánchez, on tour in the Middle East, said the same at a press conference in Doha (Qatar) and that the "supposed clarifications" of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are not enough and that they are awaiting a "much more detailed and detailed explanation of the causes and the reason for this bombing". Let them sit tight.

He also took the opportunity to promise for the umpteenth time that Spain will recognise Palestine as a state "as soon as possible", which always makes for good headlines, but at the rate it is going, there will be no state or Palestinians left to recognise.

Life goes on, in this case death as Israel destroyed Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza's largest and main health complex, leaving hundreds dead after two weeks of siege. Destroying hospitals is just another part of Netanyahu's genocidal agenda. But the party can always get more complicated.

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