Smart missiles

Smart missiles

Smart missiles. Cartoon of 15/09/2018 in CTXT

“The government knows that what they are selling are high-precision lasers and, therefore, if they are high-precision, they are not going to make a mistake by killing Yemenis”.

Isabel Celaá, spokesperson for the Spanish government(Video).

Celaá assures that the contract for the sale of bombs, which was closed in 2015 by Rajoy’s administration, does not include killing ordinary people. That she is not aware of it, or something like that.

A few days earlier, Josep Borrell, the foreign minister, had already made a similar claim, that the bombs sent to Saudi Arabia are precision-guided and do not produce collateral effects.

Here some speak of a complex debate, others of delicate and complicated bilateral relations and others sentence, without stopping at the dichotomy, that there is no other alternative than selling cucumbers the EU has been in the process of building a high-precision oil pipeline so that the orders from Saudi Arabia for the construction of corvettes are not lost, and with them the jobs in Cadiz.

The PSOE has no qualms about ignoring the law against the sale of arms that it trumpeted in 2007 to prevent Spanish weapons from being used in conflicts and human rights violations. A law that did not prevent the PP from authorising for years arms sales worth hundreds of millions of euros to Saudi Arabia, which commits war crimes in Yemen by specialising in blowing up people celebrating weddings and funerals or in markets, medical centres and other places.

Hypocrites some, psychopaths others

Few are as sincere as Albiol, who readily admits that civilians were killed with the weapons sold while his party was in power. And he doesn’t give a damn, that this is the right, coherent, dignified and sincere thing to do. Paste for blood without scruples or remorse.

Misiles inteligentes

Tuit of the necessary collaborator in the murder of civilians, and copy in Archive in case he is mistakenly erased.

There is no good war, but some are profitable, economically and politically speaking, and others are not. The further away they die and the less chance of linking your bombs to the dead, the better.

The chain stretches so far to the executioner that it is not even necessary to wash your hands, so Albiol uses them to cover his face, his ears and the black hole where his heart should be, not his mouth, which is the biggest thing he has and has no connection with his brain.

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