Tactical pause

Tactical pause

Tactical pause. Cartoon of 22/06/2024 in CTXT

A few days ago, Israel announced "tactical pauses" at a certain point on a route in southern Gaza to "facilitate aid". However, Netanyahu confirmed shortly afterwards that he had not been informed of this "tactical pause" and promised an investigation. Announcing investigations is another of his hypocritical and empty jokers for all his crimes.

The announcement of these "technical pauses" is yet another insult to intelligence born of genocidal propaganda because Israel has continued to deliberately bomb UN-run shelters and murder the displaced people inside them.

The past week in Palestine has seen the hardest and bloodiest hours of the last few weeks. Israeli bombardments spread over the north, south and centre of the Strip, leaving around 100 dead, 42 in the capital alone. The UN Secretary General denounces the"anarchy" and "total chaos" in the Strip caused by the invasion and warns of imminent famine in northern Gaza.

The UN has denounced that every day ten children suffer amputations as a result of bombing in Gaza. At least 20 Palestinians have been killed by parachuted aid boxes, others have been injured or lost their already precarious roofs.

According to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, there have been four Israeli attacks on shelters since dawn on Tuesday 25 June, in addition to the demolition of several homes over the heads of their occupants. These attacks have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, mostly women and children. During the afternoon of 25 June, Israeli aircraft also bombed the Nadi al-Jazeera reception centre, west of Gaza City, killing one displaced person and injuring others.

The genocidal, genocidal, have not even slightly toned down their criminal acts, the army converted a UN school into military barracks during its operations in Gaza City that began months ago, after displacing or killing those who had sought refuge there.

Israel's army of psychopaths has made headlines again in recent hours for tying Palestinian Mujahed Azmi to the bonnet of an armoured military vehicle to use him as a human shield during a raid in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank.

Mujahed Azmi's family said he had requested an ambulance and ended up being carried on the bonnet of the vehicle for about fifteen minutes. The Israeli army "condemned" the incident and said it would investigate, but I'll bet a vital organ that we'll never know anything more about it.

With the number of "investigations" they have already announced into crimes they have committed, and continue to commit, the Nuremberg trials are going to seem like an anecdote.

All this is just a drop in the ocean of daily human rights abuses that are known because someone is willing to risk his or her life to document them. Soldiers no longer bother to hide their genocidal intentions.

The cartoon at the top of this post is based on the photograph of an IDF looter seen here.

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