At your disposal

At your disposal. Cartoon of 01/06/2024 in CTXT Translation of the cartoon: "Always at your disposal for whatever you like to kill". The photograph of Abascal's lazy punk squeezing the genocidal hand two days after the massacre in Rafah, in which at least 45 people

The trio of horrors

The trio of horrors. Cartoon of 09/12/2023 in CTXT The US has once again prevented the UN from pushing through a resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza by exercising its right to veto. This is the second time that the United States has

End of the truce

End of the truce. Cartoon of 02/12/2023 in CTXT On Friday 1st December the truce came to an end. Only three hours after the agreement was broken, the indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population resumed. Soon, the media (always faithfully reproducing Israel's propaganda) were already

The Aspen Times apologises for Dave Granlund cartoon

If last week a British newspaper avoided publishing a cartoon featuring Netanyahu, this time it is the turn of a US newspaper to apologise. The Aspen Times apologised to its readers for the publication of this cartoon by its cartoonist, Dave Granlund - (Twitter). The