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Reflections on value and price

This text has been written and modified continuously over several years with the intention of being able to offer answers to requests for collaboration/work that follow a pattern, coming from companies or individuals who do not contemplate a possible professional relationship or payment when requesting work.

Many people, perhaps too many, including many managers of publishing companies, consider that in order to publish illustrations by an author, it is enough to promise that their name will be cited and that with this the author is already paid, satisfied and happy.

It is common to receive requests for illustrations with this closed approach, requests for "permission" to publish, nothing more. Without even the slightest hint of hope of negotiation or any question of price.

It is curious to discover that value is given to the works, but it bothers some and surprises others to discover that the shameless author intends to receive money for his request to be accepted. In that case it seems that it ceases to have value and becomes "price only"

Your advertising has a price as well as your final product and the work invested by you and your team to be able to publish it, imagine that you receive my letter, from a complete stranger, where I ask you to send me what you manufacture completely free, in exchange I will speak very well of you.

Most probably you would not even reply thinking that I am a fool, a mug or both, plus some other uglier things.

Please note that I am a draftsman, not a graphic designer. Although I have basic design skills applied to my work as a cartoonist , I do not design logos, t-shirts, flyers or posters. I deliver the work in the requested format, but I don't take care of anything related to its layout.

Cartoons for press

The price starts at 80 euros per piece and can be discussed depending on the periodicity, quantity and commitment of permanence agreed.

In the media

I have been working for more than 20 years for different media. My first steps were in self-publishing, fanzines.

After many years in the local press doing current affairs cartoons for weeklies and magazines, I started working for the newspapers El Correo de Málaga and El Correo de Andalucía, I drew for the university newspaper Eccus (Málaga), the magazines Gennio Calle (Madrid) and Xtal (Valencia) in the fortnightly newspaper Ecuatimes (distributed in the USA for the Ecuadorian community) in the digital newspaper La Información and for the blogs Euribor and Gurusblog.

I have also collaborated with other national and international media.

I am currently working for the digital magazine CTXT

Illustrations for books

Prices start at 150 euros per piece, the rate varies depending on the print run and number of editions.

I will also take into account how well or badly you treat me and your track record as a client.

Payment for ready-made images is in advance. For commissions, 50 for the acceptance of the quotation.

In any case, these are one-off payments per edition for reproduction rights. No originals are sent. Only print quality files.

Images published in books

My cartoons and illustrations have been published in educational, children's and other books by the following publishers: Atrapasueños (Spain), El Batracio Amarillo (Spain), ACVF (Spain), A Fortiori (Spain), Graó (Spain), SM (Spain and Brazil), Editora Moderna- Grupo Santillana (Brazil), Hatier (France), Hachette (France), Belin Éducation (France), Editions Nathan (France) Les Editions Didier (France) Klett (Germany) Nelson Thormes (UK) and Cappelen Damm (Norway)

I have also drawn some book covers for poetry and novels and other types of independent publications.

Images for web environment

I can offer you ideas to improve the images of your website or blog, illustrate the header of your site, design icons, etc. Dress up your page with original images.

Get an attractive illustration to illustrate your advertisements and posters.

Prices according to quantity, difficulty, finish and size. Please ask me.

I can also optimize your personal or company blog to make it load fast.

You don't work for free

Although I understand that many of these requests are made with good will or from a strange conviction that the authors are fed with paper cuttings where their drawing appears published and that they pay their running costs with flattery (which I have never despised), you don't work for free.

In fact, such people take it for granted that the words collaboration and free are the same thing, twin and inseparable words.

And I could make a selection of emails received (one day I will do it to add it here) with requests of this type where the intentions of the person asking are clearly understood, curiously a very high percentage of these people who write do not contact again when the answer is not to their liking.

If everyone involved in the process of creating and distributing your magazine, book or media has their fees for their work?

what makes you think that the cartoonist works for free at the call of your company?

just because he exposes his work in a blog or any other format on the internet?

Ask yourself the two questions above again.

Yes, there are people who believe that what appears on the internet flourishes spontaneously on the net and that it is born wild and free to be used to add content to their business.

But there are many ways to make deals... pre-contracts, exchanges and many others that I'm sure we can think of over a few minutes of chatting.

If you are one of these people who have not understood any of the above or are not happy with the approach, it is advisable that you save yourself the time you will need to read the rest of this text.

About publication requests for publishers, digital media, etc.

If what you are requesting is to publish a cartoon or illustration that you have seen on this page or another under the signature JRMora and your medium is a magazine, book or digital media for sale, i. e. a commercial product, the following prices are established for reproducing the images:


From 80 euros per piece.

The price will be the same for a commissioned cartoon and includes taxes and the conditions reflected in the invoice. Digital file is sent in 300 dpi for printing.

The price only includes the reproduction rights for the requested publication depending on the print run and does not grant any rights for commercial use outside the agreed context.

Reproduction in any other medium such as T-shirts, advertising material of any kind such as posters for related events, flyers, banners or use as logos etc. is prohibited.

For all of this there are model contracts which can be negotiated amicably.

For commissions with a commitment to daily publication or other long-term contractually agreed periodicity (with or without exclusivity), please contact me. I am always willing to listen.

For illustrations, the price starts at 150€ per piece. This amount is only an estimate, the final price may depend on many factors.

For formats or commissioned work, please contact me at Peticiones de colaboración, contratación or use the form below.

About collaborations in non-profit projects

Before you order out of the blue, organise your request:

  • Try to describe in detail your project, magazine, website, fanzine or thing where you suggest to collaborate, dates, formats, contents, etc. Be as far in advance as you can before the release dates.
  • Don't be ambiguous, make it clear if you are asking for altruistic collaboration or if you are asking for a paid job or service.

I don't always have the time, predisposition or money to afford the luxury and satisfaction of being able to attend to non-profit collaborations. On many other occasions I scrape up the time and effort to commit myself.

I usually answer all the emails asking for collaboration, but if your project is commercial or financed by a public or private entity, you can always make an effort and allocate a part of it to pay for the collaboration.

If what you intend to propose is a free periodic collaboration, I'm sorry, that is not collaboration. It is a job. Don't be surprised if I don't reply to a proposal for free work.

I don't mind negotiating if you have a limited budget.

But no, I don't work for free and I don't allow anyone to set the price of my work, I only do it for the love of art when I feel like it, never for free and on demand.

narices Nor is it authorised to use the cartoons as illustrations for electoral campaigns or any other activity related to political parties on posters, leaflets or any other medium that suggests support or adherence to their ideology.

I just want to put a cartoon on my personal blog

If you want to be able to publish in your blog(NOT commercial website NOR blog linked to a media, public or private institution, business or political party) something of what you have seen here to illustrate a post, you can do it freely (the licence allows it). It will be enough to cite the author with a text or link to this blog to give it some diffusion. If you feel like it, you can send a simple courtesy notice by mail to Peticiones de colaboración, contratación

In this case the only thing you cannot do is alter the drawing in content or message. Nor may you add any symbols, logos or messages over the image. The image must be used as it is.

This does not apply to commercial websites, only if your website or blog is personal.

In any case, it is very likely that your idea is fun and/or interesting and we can exchange collaborations, just a matter of talking about it.

You can send your query from the contact page.

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