Ladroncomix: Ink and High Voltage Rock’N’Roll (2021)

Ladroncomix: Ink and High Voltage Rock'N'Roll (2021)

62-minute documentary directed by Manolito Motosierra, Guillem Puig and Xes Vilà Roig and produced by Punk Visual Studio. It was premiered on 18 December 2021 at Clan Cabaret (Alicante). Synopsis Joaquín Ladrón is one of the most important underground and independent comic artists on the

The Scrooge Mystery (2018)

The Scrooge Mystery

A 1h 56min documentary by Morgann Gicquel about the famous artist Don Rosa(TW – FB) and the impact of his work in the arts through his fan base. Uncle Scrooge McDuck turned 70 in 2017. For one year, the team of this independent duckumentary tracked

The price of food

El precio de los alimentos

The price of food. Cartoon of 18/03/2023 in CTXT The Bank of Spain, which is not characterised by its social attitude, is already predicting that the price of food will rise by an average of 12.2% this year. Hold on tight to your shopping trolleys



BBC, cartoon of 12/03/2023 in CTXT British public television decided to axe Gary Lineker, which has a football programme there called Match of the Day, because of the footballer’s comments on Twitter. Any company is very sovereign in deciding who they associate with, but that’s

Monitor turns off when running a game

Monitor turns off when running a game

I’ve titled this post like this because that’s what I was looking for when this started to happen to me and as I had a lot of notes of what I was trying, I’ve recycled them here. The monitor is out of signal. When running

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