15 pages to download free SVG icons


When you are setting up a blog or redesigning it, one of the things you usually look for are those cute little icons to give a bit of joy to buttons and banners"call to action" (call to action) or just for general aesthetics.

And something similar happens when you want to change your template, in an attempt to find one that you like and at the same time is different from everything that most of us use, we end up lost in the swamp of indecision.

So that you have somewhere to start looking, I have made this list of 15 sites where you can find tens of thousands of SVG icons.

The list is not in any order of importance, quality, quantity or alphabetical order, I have simply added them as I came across them and noted them down. The only things I have taken into account for the selection are the ease of download, some configuration options and/or that they have HTML versions.

You can find more pages on your own from different search engines like Iconfinder or similar that sift through a lot of free, paid and freemium sites.

Remember to give credit in some way to the independent creators if you use their work, either with a link on your blog, a review or, if you can afford it, by making a donation to support their work and the kindness of releasing it.

Captain Icon, free SVG icons

Captain Icon. More than 350 vector icons for free download. Designed by Mario del Valle and released under CC BY-SA license, they are available in EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG and Web Font so you can use them in both personal and commercial projects

Phosphor Icons

Phospho Icons. Collection of icons designed by Helena Zhang. They are free and open source with MIT license. Supports icon requests. Currently has 2,282 icons. All of them can be downloaded in a single download. You can support its creator with a donation.

Doodle Line Icons

Doodle Line Icons. Math, from Skool House, released a free collection of 68 hand-drawn 16×16 pixel vector icons in a very comic book style that you can download, modify and use as you like in any kind of project, even commercial.


Fontawesome. One of the best known and most used libraries. Created by Dave Gandy and launched in 2017 with icons to bore you. They use Freemium and have a PRO library with a yearly subscription fee. To download their Free icons they apply the CC BY 4.0 licence. As of today they have 2,016 free icons and 19,287 PRO icons.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts. Google's open source catalogue of fonts and icons with more than 2,500 glyphs. They can be used free of charge even for commercial purposes. They are licensed under various types of licenses such as the SIL open source license, the Apache license or the Ubuntu font license


Bootstrap Icons. Free, high quality and open source icon library with more than 1,600 icons. You can use them as you like. Available in SVG, sprite SVG or web fonts, to use with or without Bootstrap in any project

Tabler Icons

Tabler Icons. More than 2,900 free open source icons with a nice look under MIT license designed by Paweł Kuna. From the web it offers the possibility to customize the stroke, colour and size of its icons.

Game Icons

Game Icons. 4122 free downloadable icons for your own videogame website or for your games. They have CC BY 3.0 license. From their page you can configure many parameters such as size, colour, background (including gradients), rotate them, add other icons, etc.

15 pages to download free SVG icons


Iconmonstrs. All these icons are free and can be used in non-commercial and commercial projects, services or products without attribution. There are more than 4729 free icons sorted in 316 collections in a very simple and clear website. License.


Icofont. More than 2,100 icons classified in 30 categories. Allows you to generate and download your icons in different ways. It has very curious, original and exclusive designs. All icons are licensed under CC BY 4.0.


Octicons. Scalable vector icon collection designed by the GitHub team and licensed under SIL Open Font License. Contains more than 150 icons useful for web projects. It also offers the icons in SVG sprite.


Feather is a collection of MIT-licensed open source icons designed in a minimalist style. From its website you can customise them in size, line thickness and colour. You can also download them all in a single file.


Typicons. Library of more than 300 free vector icons embedded in a web source to facilitate their use in any user interface, either on the web or in a native application. CC BY-SA license.

15 pages to download free SVG icons


CSS.gg. About 700 CSS and SVG icons and other formats available under open source, soft-profiled with MIT license and provided with a library of Figma components. Configurable in colour and size. Allows downloads.

Remix Icon

Remix Icon. Although the project has been suspended since 2020, more than 2,200 icons designed in 24x24 "Outlined" and "Filled" styles are still available on its website. All of them configurable in size and colour and free for both personal and commercial use under Apache License 2.0.

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