Anti-abortion measures

Anti-abortion measures

Translation: "I don't know much about pregnancy"

Anti-abortion measures. Cartoon of 15/01/2023 in CTXT

The intellectual pauper, smiling fascistilla pijoteras fascist and vice-president of the Junta de Castilla y León Juan García-Gallardo Frings presented a series of anti-abortion measures that lifelong ultra-Catholics call "pro-life". These protocols, according to his own words to the media,"are mandatory for all health professionals", and he added: "I refer to the press release of the Ministry of Health last Thursday, which is crystal clear".

The Vox left a fifth measure in draft form to be applied in those places where they govern with a majority, consisting of forming a corridor with Vox members on both sides through which women who decide to have an abortion have to pass, so that they can hit them and spit on them.

Mañueco, who lovingly cradled the ultra-right to govern Castilla y León, does not know where to put himself and is still trying to wriggle out of the situation while swallowing toads the size of the testicles of the Colossus of Rhodes.

Feijóo was slow to dissociate himself from García-Gallardo, but he did so in that way promising that "no woman will be coerced" while Vox continued to do its own thing without getting off the donkey to the delight of its parish and to comply with its Christofascist ultra-ideology.

Different voices from the PP follow the party's orders to the letter and insist that the shit proposed by García-Gallardo will not be put into practice, that all this is a "distraction" to avoid talking about other issues.

García-Gallardo, who says he doesn't know much about pregnancies, took his helmet and got into his official car to go to a motorcycle rally where he met up with some members of his gang, drank a few beers, belched and scratched his arse.

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