April Fair

April Fair

Translation of the cartoon:

“Labour exploitation creates richness”

April Fair. Cartoon of 09/04/2022 in CTXT

Article 35, section 5, Law 8/1980, of 10 March 1980, on the Workers’ Statute:“In no case may more than nine ordinary hours of effective work be carried out. In any case, between the end of one working day and the beginning of the next, there shall be a minimum of twelve hours.

However, for many employers these legal texts are nonsense and Bolshevik barbarities that trample on their arrogated right to squeeze the workers to the last breath out of them.

The caseteros don’t want to have to hire two crews to cover the 15 or more hours of work during the fair because then it is no longer profitable

So without exploitation there is no profit. Therefore, the pillar of their business is labour exploitation, not rebujitos.

These three images taken from the Facebook account from the Asociación Andaluza de empresarios de hostelería de Feria (Andalusian Association of Fairground Hotel and Catering Businessmen) illustrate well the panorama, which, although well-known and sadly normalised, also in other trades, is no less shameful, illegal, reportable, punishable and spat upon.

April Fair

First they are reminded that they are starting from a false discourse.

April Fair

Then it becomes clear that they are not only swinging with the working hours, but also with the minimum conditions, not only working conditions, but also humanitarian conditions. To do so, they base themselves on the low mantra that “this is the way it is and always has been”, typical of the discourse of the landowner who wants you to thank him for running you over with his horse.

April Fair

This man, who claims to have a shed, assures us that he is not even capable of providing his workers with a half-decent place to rest or shower while they eat the traditional long day’s work. And nothing happens.

A short while ago, the caseteros have disconvened the lockout, what they called a “strike” to see if it would work.


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