No, black panties do not cause more infections


what the hell is this headline about? Fact Checkers?

Well, this time an opinion and/or belief in a cartoon is given the status of information to disprove it.

It is no longer enough to disprove the billion dick boy memes, however there are notable differences between humorous intent and basing the joke on a knowingly, or unknowingly, false statement.

In this cartoon from a series on knickers entitled "Things I hate about knickers" published by Raquel Córcoles, better known as Moderna de Pueblo, it is claimed that black knickers cause more infections.

No, black panties do not cause more infections

Well, no, there is no relation between the colour of the panties and the appearance or increase of infections, there is no known scientific source or studies that support this statement as explained in Verificat and later in Maldita, where it is also assured that there is no scientific evidence or arguments that support that black panties have the capacity to generate more infections than those of another colour.

Among the half-baked misinformation and lies that circulate in cartoons, there are different categories. Although they can have many other origins and motivations, they fall into two broad groups. What we traditionally believe by mistake and inertia and the intentional and self-interested hoaxes, without leaving aside those false things that are simply a mixture of both or the classic I want to believe.

I suppose that this issue of the dyeing of panties would fall into the first group, but it is a mixture of all of them, because they are usually sweet hooks and are good as a "little-known" or curious anecdote and a firm candidate to achieve the coveted candy of virality. Even when it's simply a "maybe yes, but no" or a"maybe."


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