Champions of evasion

Champions of evasion

The cartoon of Saturday 14/01/2017 in CTXT

Alex Crivillé said this in an interview on 'El Suplement', on Catalunya Ràdio, which was broadcast on Saturday 14 January:

Àlex Crivillé sees "logical" to be taxed in Monaco or Switzerland: "and whoever doesn't do it is a donkey". When he gets sick, let him go to the doctor in Monte Carlo.

- PabloMM (@PabloMM) January 13, 2017

Àlex Crivillé: ... and you could, well, pass it on to the company and the state wouldn't keep 50%, right?

Journalist: Do you think that taxation here in Spain is too high?

AC: Too much, terribly so. That's why you see all the top sportsmen and women going abroad. I don't know, you go to live in... I don't know... Andorra, Switzerland, Monaco... It's a very short stage of your life and you have to look after yourself, don't you?

Q: But do you know that there are other athletes who also do this?

AC: Well, all of them. Those in the motor world, logically, some are in Andorra, others are in London, others are in Switzerland, others are in Monaco. It's logical, I mean, whoever doesn 't do it is a donkey, just like that, he's a donkey.

Then he said this by way of apology.

The media, normally very soft on sportsmen, immediately echoed Crivillé's tweet without further ado. As if it were an institutional statement made at a press conference without questions. Without questioning anything, or wondering, or asking him. Something very fashionable in the new shitty journalism based only on tweets.

apologise for the forms? For "explaining" himself badly? What did he explain badly?

does he now think something different from what he explained with such certainty and detail a few hours earlier? What is it about now?

The person who now claims to be taxed in Spain received his image rights from an 'offshore' company

Every time that sportsmen and sportswomen who set up residence in other countries and/or set up tax engineering scams just to avoid paying taxes here are proudly held up as an example of Marca España, a Spaniard furiously waves the flag of a tax haven to claim the universality of the Hispanic patriot.

Champions of evasion

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