Child Guantánamo

Child Guantánamo

Cartoon translation:

If you behave yourselves, we will soon give you the orange uniform”.

Child Guantanamo. Cartoon of 20/06/2018 in CTXT

This week, some 2,000 caged children in Texas made headlines, but were soon swallowed up by other local gossip. Before long it will be yet another worn-out news item to the delight of the “anti-good guys”, read, the “scumbags”.

Guantánamo infantil

These detention centres, built as makeshift mini-guantánamos, are used to blackmail parents and their children hijack their children. You have to be empty inside or have shit instead of guts not to see and listen this for what it is.

The government makes an inhumane interpretation of its immigration policies by labelling the parents as criminals and therefore decides that they cannot be with their children, so the state claims guardianship of the minors.

One more twist to the shameful family detention camps.

Coinciding with the avalanche of criticism and protests, Trump announced that the US was leaving the UN Human Rights Council in support of Israel, as it did in October 2017 by leaving Unesco.

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And a bit of history.

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