Cumhuriyet, the shame counter

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  • Cartoonist Musa Kart, along with nine of his colleagues from the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, is 43 days in prison today.

    Cumhuriyet, the shame counter

    Photograph and names of the 10 imprisoned

    Since the fourth day of the journalists’ detention, the newspaper has published on its masthead a counter of the number of days they have been in prison, along with photographs of Erdogan’s 10 prisoners, as a shameful reminder of the Turkish government‘s repression.


    Cumhuriyet front pages from 12 to 15 December 2016

    With honourable exceptions, few journalists’ collectives raise their voices or mobilise in Spain against the trampling of freedom of information and expression in Turkey.

    5 December. Three international cartoonists’ organisations called for the release of Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart and his colleagues.

    The Cumhuriyet newspaper, which has shown blank the space where the cartoon of Musa Kart in some editions, is also publishing on its front page cartoons by cartoonists from other countries who collaborate to show solidarity with the imprisoned comrade.

    Today’s Musa space is visited by the Australian cartoonist David Pope.

    Cumhuriyet, el contador de la vergüenza

    Photo CRNI

    Cumhuriyet, el contador de la vergüenza

    Thursday 15 December. Musa Kart’s place was taken by a cartoon by the Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro X. Molina.

    Cumhuriyet, el contador de la vergüenza

    Photo CRNI

    On Saturday 10 December, the German Thomas Plassmann (1960) was the cartoonist who filled the Musa gap.


    Plassmann’s cartoon

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