The cycle of hate

The cycle of hate

The cycle of hate. Cartoon of 17/10/2021 in CTXT

Christian Lawyers filed a contentious-administrative appeal against the Castellón City Council for the distribution of books on LGTBIQ+ issues, including some books against homophobia

In the brief, Christian Lawyers uses the usual term of the extreme right ("LGBTI ideology books") in public schools claiming that it "violates several fundamental rights such as the right of parents to decide the education of their children (27.3 CE), ideological and religious freedom (16.1 CE) and the obligation of the administration to be objective and neutral (art. 103.1 CE)".

The court adopted an interim injunction (see order) at the request of Abogados Cristianos for violating "religious freedom" and ordered the removal of the books. The City Council announced that it will present allegations against this decision List of "withdrawn" books.

Regarding the judge's decision, it seems to me to be quite balanced and well-balanced, and I also believe that legally speaking (I suppose) this analysis of the issue.

In this case there has been a lukewarm, if not non-existent, response from all those on both sides who protested on their social media accounts about the censorship/destruction/withdrawal of certain books in Canadian schools.

Canadian schools destroy 4,716 books, including Tintin and Asterix comics, considered harmful to indigenous peoples

Once again, it could be seen that this rejection or condemnation thing censorship goes in different directions.

Even some journalists, from their respective media, pontificated on the issue of freedoms to reject the censorship "of the left" when the purge was promoted by a Catholic organisation. And there were even several who branded the news as "sensationalist" and/or false.

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