Delivering at Amazon

Delivering at Amazon

Delivering at Amazon. Cartoon of 18/07/2018 in CTXT

The strike at Amazon is being replicated in different European countries. In Madrid, during the second day of the strike that coincided with Amazon Prime Day, police handed out sticks two workers were arrested.

It should be remembered that the first strike amazon strike was in Spain.

Repartiendo en Amazon

Some continue to divert the debate on labour rights, the exploitation of their workers by these neo-corporations and their insistence on creating an increasingly feudal landscape with the absurd argument that in order to be able to buy “cheap” and fast it must be like this and that by complaining it is the consumer who is going to lose out.

They are the victims of a new corporate agentic state created by multinationals that aspire to impose the rules of their business above the laws of the countries with the sole aim of satisfying their profit forecasts, which are getting higher and higher every day.

Delivering at Amazon

Cartoon of 04/02/2018 in CTXT

These organisations, and their voluntary palmeros, are doing their utmost to infantilise and twist the definition of the labour market so much that they want any protest action or demand to be seen as an attack on the economy. Theirs, of course. To that new economy of the swallow it and shut up, these are new times. We exploit you with a smile, so don’t pout.

In the meantime, many media, who claim to be dedicated to “information”, continue to follow rubbing their backs amazon in exchange for a few crumbs.

Delivering at AmazonRelated welcome, working class! Simultaneous strikes at Amazon Europe by Josefina L. Martínez.

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