Denialists. Cartoon of 12/08/2023 in CTXT

The experiment of a right-wing to the right of the right to make the right seem less right-wing to us is deflating. Señorito Iván, spokesman for Vox in Congress, quits politics, leaving his position in the party and his seat in Congress for personal and family reasons, he says. Just what everyone says, you know. You know, things that exist between the different families of all parties.

This week I have read several journalists (including some from media outlets vetoed and whored by Vox in the campaign and in general) praising the figure of the Francoist señorito. He always saluted, he was very polite, these little writers now say. Perhaps there is still some misguided person out there who can be convinced that Señorito Iván is not a complete fanatic.

The man who was to be his replacement, Juan Luis Steegmann, has also resigned and has announced that he will not take up his seat as number six on the Madrid ticket.

Some ex-leaders of Vox have already begun to call Santiago Abascala “political corpse” and others go a little further and call him a bum.

In the party, as good deniers, they deny that the party is in crisis. Thus, the secretary general of Vox and habitual thug, Ignacio Garriga, claims that the party is in its best political moment and that it is all the fault of “manipulation” and “lies” of the media which, according to him, propagate “false fictions of terror”. You know, textbook Trumpism.

And continuing with the denialism, the AEMET amended a denialist comment by Luis Gestoso, spokesman for Vox in the City Council of Murcia. Another redneck who subscribes to “it has always been hot in summer” as the only argument to deny climate change.

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