Trump, shit in the hole

Trump, shit in the hole

Trump, shit in the hole. Cartoon of 14/01/2018 in CTXT

It's not clear where Trump's ass starts and his mouth ends or vice versa. The roll is that Donald was at a meeting where they were discussing protection for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries as part of an immigration deal and according to several people present at that meeting, Trump said:

"Why are we letting all these people from shithole countries come here?".

One of the people confirming the shithole president's profanity was Illinois Senator Richard Durbin.

Trump then half-denied it that way. He then ran off to say that he is not a racist and went on to deliver the usual volley of asshole tweets with which he has entertained the international and home press since early in the morning.

Trump is an expert at what he does. It consists of releasing every day a bigger and stinkier shit that buries and makes us forget the one he released the day before.

And the fact is that Donald Samugo has got the measure of his voters. He knows that not only do they swallow everything, but they are also delighted. This is what he told the public in January 2016 in Iowa:

"I could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and I wouldn't lose votes"

Now let's see who's the cute one to unshackle him from the White House after he's screwed his orange ass in the Oval Office.

Cartoon of Clay Bennett at Times Free Press

The only positive thing I see about this mental rag being president of the United States is that it guarantees that in the future there will be amusing documentaries about his life and work. Memories that will make more than a few people laugh and embarrass themselves and others. Or maybe not even that.

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