Eternal cartoons, Easter and a viral cartoon 2006-2011

Eternal cartoons, Easter and a viral cartoon 2006-2011
Eternal cartoons, Easter and a viral cartoon 2006-2011

Eternal cartoons, a viral cartoon 2006-2011

I’m not a big fan of those Microsiervos of “it happened a year ago”, but in this case it happened a year ago…

This cartoon from 2006 went viral so much that one of those “Messengero” lovers of massive forwarded it to me saying “look at this!

And he goes back on tour in 2007. 5 years later, in 2011, I found it translated into English on Reddit.

Ana, from Ourense, tells me that she received it from France thanks to a colleague of hers who is a professor of Hispanic language, my colleague Javi receives it from a friend in Madrid, Josetxu from the supplement “Caduca Hoy” of the newspaper DEIA asks me to publish it in his section “La viñeta prestada”, a great friend from Torroles forwards it to me telling me that he has received it two or three times from different senders and the party goes on and on…

Update Sunday 8th April 2007:

Early on Easter Sunday I again had a head-on collision with this cartoon on my regular visit to Mangas verdes and I never cease to be surprised.

I can thank Manuel Almeida for showing it but with the amazing “rule” effect of mails, I can’t thank anyone in particular for the diffusion of this “campaign” by e-mail as I can’t know who they are, so I hope you all say “hello”.

My friends colleagues in this digital diary from Venezuela also publish it, as I read in the blog of my friend Mariano Planells

Rumour has it that some people sent it to the DGT proposing the idea for the campaign, but it’s not to be, a year later some bloggers, as my colleague Fran J Saavedra says, of “delayed fuse” resurrect the cartoon in the middle of Lent.

Curiously, a few days ago the ad was withdrawn i was surprised by the fact that the Spanish TV channel La Sexta was broadcasting the F.C.Barcelona-Real Madrid match after being asked to do so by the Ministry of Industry, Transport and Communication. The ministry had warned La Sexta that the images of the accident “could infringe the road safety law”.

If you looked carefully in the advert they deleted the ramp, as far as I know cars don’t do those things on their own, the spot was a bit lame.

No luck, this year the number of road deaths has gone up during this holy week so I just hope we can “stop” that fucking count.

Update 09/04 07

Mezvan wiggles” the cartoon and in a few hours it will be on the front page of Menéame, the operation return doesn’t finish until the early hours of Monday to Tuesday because in some communities it’s a holiday.

Eternal cartoons, Easter and a viral cartoon 2006-2011

Update 20/08/07:

Even a power point with other pictures and vignettes in which this cartoon appears is starting to circulate. The file is called dgt.ppt and I have been sent it at least fifteen times these days.

Update 19/03/08:

And others, although they do not link anywhere (which is expensive and complicated), republish it at the beginning of Easter 2008 (thanks for the warning to Carlos Otto that it also publishes it)

And then came 2014, 2015 and 2016, the cartoon is still circulating when the Easter holidays arrive, who knows how long…

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