Eurovision. Cartoon of 14/05/2023 in CTXT

Last Saturday was held that annual musical attack called Eurovision and it already seems like something that happened a thousand years ago. The festival is an eternal coma patient, nobody wants to switch it off because its testament is as shabby as it is vital.

While the Israeli representative was humming, her country was bombing the Gaza Strip, claiming it was in response to the launching of two rockets from Palestine after the ceasefire deadline brokered by Egypt.

You can take whatever side you want, as we know that wars are fought in ideological neighbourhoods, but while the musical parade was all about the war in Ukraine, Israeli army bombs were falling on civilians in Gaza and no one said a peep. Nobody broke their shirt because many of these hypocritical anti-war hypocrites are nothing more than false pacifists.

Palestine is a conflict that has become chronic and has long since gone out of fashion. There is no invasion, no occupation, no apartheid, no torture. It's an old war that no longer sells, and it doesn't sell well on the screen.

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