Free collection of 68 hand-drawn SVG icons

Free collection of 68 hand-drawn SVG icons

I'm always looking for icons that are out of the ordinary in terms of design so I don't have to use the ones that almost everyone else uses and finally I end up resorting to the usual ones from sites like Fontawesome o Bootstrap Icons. Yesterday I found a small collection with a different design that fits quite well with the theme of the blog.

Math, from Skool House, has released a free collection of 68 hand-drawn 16×16 pixel vector icons with a very comic style that you can download, modify and use as you like in any kind of project.

These icons were originally created for the articles and pages of for your blog and he has decided to give them away including the discards.

They are available for download as SVG file or to copy and paste as HTML code. The lines are kept with the same weight, except for the emojis.

Free collection of 68 hand-drawn SVG icons 1

The icons can be used in any personal or commercial project. There are no limitations as to how and where they can be used: web pages, books, magazines, applications, printed materials, etc.

He also promises to expand the collection. You can keep an eye on his changelog from time to time to see if new ones have been added.

You don't even need to give credit to the author to use his icons, so it doesn't hurt to give him back even a link to your page.

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