Gora Alka-Eta, the coven of the headlines

gora alka-eta

CTXT Sunday cartoon

By now, everyone has already drawn their own conclusions about some puppets that some say they have raped, killed and encouraged children and adults to glorify all kinds of barbarities, all the atrocities have been brought together in a carnival theatrics (Vid)

But the first reaction of most of the press was to open with a big and almost unanimous "Gora ETA". All of this before the announcement of judge Ismael Moreno's prison sentence for the puppeteers.

I leave for another time the disproportion and the distracted abandonment of the detainees to their fate. Some people still don't know where to lay their eggs when it comes to positioning themselves so as not to get their fingers caught in their "centrality" filigrees. This affair gives much food for thought because it is leaving a few embarrassments to be mentioned.

Such was the journey through the headlines that seemed to announce, almost to sentence, what was to come.

Europa Press opened the recital.


And the story began to spread, and it would seem that since not much more was known, it was to be expected that it would just bounce off. And so it did, although it soon began to appear next to the poster.


But the hours passed and Gora ETA remained in the headlines.

Others even had time to add a nice picture of the ETA logo to the Europa Press article to illustrate the piece.


There came a time when it was inevitable not to come across the Gora ETA in a headline. And although they already add the Gora Alta-ETA in their texts, they keep it in the headlines because it is more visible.


Even when the little sign had been known for a long time, the Gora ETA remained, a few inverted commas and repeat. There are curious examples in which Gora ETA appears up to four times next to the Gora Alka-Eta sign.


Even the caption in the photo reads Gora ETA.

Now that we have got into the meat of the matter, the headline has become a permanent fixture on the staff.


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