Iberian exception

Iberian exception

Iberian exception. Cartoon of 26/03/2022 in CTXT

On Saturday, the front pages of most of the generalist media, and others, opened with something that was sold to us as an unprecedented feat.

"Sánchez gets the EU to allow him to intervene in energy"

"Brussels allows Spain 'special treatment' to lower gas prices"

"Brussels allows an 'Iberian exception' to limit the price of gas"

"Sánchez will be able to lower the price of electricity "

"EU allows Spain and Portugal to cap electricity prices" (here ABC messes with the verb)

Pedro was the hero of the day, but for his fans he was much more

They thanked him for who knows what with heated applause as if he had deflected with his own hands a meteorite that was heading towards the earth to destroy it. Tuiter was filled with emojis of little hearts, clapping hands and flowers.

Iberian exception
Some of the thousands of messages from the orgy of euphoria

But, after the explosion of joy over what was agreed at the European Council, for the moment there is only another "we'll see", in other words, Spain must now present its proposal to the European Commission. A textbook "less is nothing" to which people have become accustomed.

Allow me to throw caution to the wind because if there is one thing about being old enough to own a major collection, it is that the accumulation of Iberian disappointments to which the PSOE has accustomed us already fills several ships PSOE has accustomed us to already fills several large industrial warehouses.

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