Inequality. Vignette of 26/11/2017 in CTXT

The European Commission describes the level of inequality in Spain as "critical". A socio-economic analysis of the 28 EU countries does not leave our country in a good place in terms of social welfare, placing us in seventh position at the bottom in terms of inequality.

Inequality and more

In addition to inequality, Spain is also one of the countries on alert for early school dropout rates, the second worst in the EU after Malta, and is on alert for its falling disposable income and poverty rate.(Source)

These and other findings emerge from the Commission's draft report on employment.

Inequality Report "Draft Joint Employment Report 2018"


According to another report entitled "Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017" ( local download) recently published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), one in five young Spaniards in employment is at risk of poverty. (Source)

We are also the second country in the EU where long-term youth unemployment grew the most. 11% of young Spaniards have been unemployed for more than a year, according to Eurostat

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