The land of opportunity

The land of opportunity

The land of opportunity. Vignette of 07/07/2018 in CTXT

If any other country were doing what it does USA, and has been doing for decades, more than one would be calling for immediate international intervention, at the very least bombing and invasion.

La tierra de las oportunidades

“Unaccompanied. Alone in America” is a short documentary that recreates the trials that migrant children have to face alone. Those they call the “unaccompanied”.

filmmaker’s “Unaccompanied, Alone in America” Linda Friedman is a dramatisation of real hearings based on original transcripts obtained by the law firm Immigration Counseling Services(ICS). They are recreated as immigration trials are not allowed to be recorded.

The only support they receive is the translation of the audience into their language through headphones. Many of these children are so young that not only do they not know what a lawyer is. They don’t understand anything about what they are being asked.

Different NGOs and law firms work altruistically to defend the rights of these children and to ensure that they can have legal assistance. The documentary shows that 90% of the children who go to trial without defence are deported. This percentage drops to 50% when they get a lawyer.

The land of opportunity

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