Momiarchy, cartoon of 07/04/2023 in CTXT

On Sunday, media all over the world surrendered to the medieval British NODO. Although it was logical, but absolutely dispensable, to "cover" the coronation of the ear and his wife, the Spanish TV channels did a follow-up that bored flies and made the tackiest editor blush.

The styling in the cathedral, observed as a general shot, gave the impression that they had bought the most flowery, cheapest, weirdest and most garish stuff from AliExpress, put it in a sack and shook it up and then dumped it on the attendees without order or order.

They made a point of assuring us that Charles had been "preparing" to be king all his life. Time has given him time. He almost didn't tell the tale. On the subject of preparing to be king, I have not managed to find any tutorials or official manuals, something that does not surprise me because the same thing happens here, in fact, in Spain, Felipito number six is already known as "El Preparao" without anyone knowing for sure what that means beyond the claim that the media and their palmeros have been shouting ad nauseam.

They rode around in a tartan with more gold leaf than the frame of an oil painting of a Christ bought at a flea market, lubricated Carlos with Fish and Chips oil, put the cake on their heads and went home to work hard at being kings.

Here are a couple of galleries with some of the covers and their embarrassing snapshots of the costume party gone wrong. With the exception of the odd pearl pointing out the stale and outmoded roll, most of them jump through hoops in excited praise of the utter nothingness of this traditional episode of the DNA-based takeover of royal power by yet another family of parasites.

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