New electricity bill

New electricity bill

New electricity bill

Proposed image for future campaigns on the new electricity bill.

When the price of electricity went up by 27% in January, the government told us to relax, that there was no need for alarm, that it would only mean an insignificant increase of a handful of euros in the bill.

In May, electricity prices rose by hike of almost 44%.

The average electricity bill rose by 0.8% compared to April, which means a rise of 43.8% compared to the same month last year. While this is going on, we hear talk of "upward trends" as if the rises were caused by spontaneous and uncontrollable unnatural forces.

For this trip, those who said they were going to put a stop to the electricity companies also found a way out, a stinking campaign of the "new electricity bill" that came into force on Tuesday 1 June and which I will report on in another vignette because it gives rise to several.

By the way, rallies have been called for Saturday in different cities for Saturday.

New electricity bill

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