Cartoon of 26/04/2020 in CTXT.

If there's one thing Trump's redneck is an expert at, it's covering up one gaffe with another, he has an uncanny ability to quickly manufacture a new bray to bury his latest squawk to the delight of editors having trouble coming up with engaging and impactful headlines.

His latest blunder was once again the subject of global chufla and cartoonists from around the world dedicated their piece of the day to him. I don't think I need to tell them at this point what it's about.

Donald, as well as being a great professional of idiocy, is also as big mouth as stubborn. He won't get off his ass by arguing that it was all sarcasm, a new strain of sarcasm that no one on planet earth picked up on. Such are misunderstood geniuses.

And sure enough, within a few hours, out of that pile of dead cells that make up what should be Trump's brain came another stupidity which he also renamed sarcasm, a word he discovered a few days ago and which he uses to try to convince the public that he is a brilliant writer of avant-garde comedy.

In case anyone is not familiar with the graphic reference, it is an interpretation of Nighthawks of Edward Hopper.

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