Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, soplador eléctrico
The box of the blower.

This is the blower that I quote in the previous post about how to lower the temperature of the PC and which I decided to review separately so as not to make the text too long.

I decided to buy it because compressed air canisters, although effective, cost a lot of money and pollute, as you remember Santino.

In aspiration it concentrates the dirt in the grille and you have to remove it every two minutes

But blowing blows like hell, which is what it's all about. It's perfect for removing dust, hair and other accumulated debris because you can clean places that are only accessible by disassembling parts.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

The overall packaging was a bit ragged

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

This is what was in the box: a paintbrush, the manual in Chinese (although it includes a small leaflet with a poor translation in English and Spanish), a replacement brush for the motor, the blower tube, a bag/tube to hold the shit in case you use it as a hoover and a power adapter because the plug is not European.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower
Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

The brushes are easily replaced by removing two screws on the right side of the unit, near the motor.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

The brush arrived broken because even the wood of the pole of a pole is harder than the wood of the handle it was mounted on.

The blower is made of a plastic and, although it looks more or less tough, I wouldn't bet too heavily on it surviving a fall from an average height.

It is advertised as"Handheld electric fan, air blower, garden leaf blower for computer cleaning, computer hoover" and sells for around 38 euros, but if you look around you can find the same or very similar models for up to 10 or 12 euros cheaper under other brands that copy each other.

And yes, although it can be used as a hoover, it is not advisable to use it to clean a computer because it can lead to disaster and because the device does not vacuum well either. If you still want to use it as a hoover, just put the bag in place of the tube and the tube in the side outlet.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

The size is correct. It is neither bulky nor too small. It is light and handy.

I have already said that it blows well, but I insist, it blows very hard and you notice it immediately just by the noise it makes. If you're not careful, you can orbit any small or medium-sized object, such as a mobile phone. If you blow very close to it, it will rise and take off into the unknown. I can vouch for that.

That's why you should be very careful not to blow too close to fans, connectors, cables or any other moving or sensitive parts when cleaning a computer case.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

There is no mystery to its use. It has only one button. When you press it, it blows. Next to it there is another little button that locks the button to blow without pause. It is not recommended to use it at a fixed speed because with its wild blowing it heats up very quickly and I suspect it could self-destruct.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

And here is a short video of its use so you can at least hear what it sounds like

It doesn't pick up much dust because I had just cleaned it thoroughly a week ago, but if your machine is very dirty you should blow it in the street or on a terrace if you don't want the dirt to be spread all over the house.

The blower proudly posing in front of the last piece of lint he removed.

Pro'sKit UMS-C002, electric blower

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