Race to the White House

Race to the White House

Race to the White House. Cartoon of 19/11/2022 in CTXT

Donald Trump is once again running for president, but this time without the support of what they call the Republican "barons", some even think that the party is no longer the Republican party, but "the party of Trump".

The little orange guy presented his candidacy in his shack in Mar-a-Lago without announcing anything concrete. No bullshit for all practical purposes. Nothing about his intentions, programme or the like. Just a hotchpotch of Trumpisms, triumphalist bullshit and lies, as usual. His supporters there, their caps curled up beyond their eyebrows, applauded excitedly at the news of nothingness.

Trumpers don't care about any of these things, nor that the US House Select Committee investigating the events of 6 January 2021 documented how Donald Trump staged the "attempted coup" on Capitol Hill and described him as the architect of the greatest attack on US democracy.

On another note, Melon Musk reactivated Trump's Twitter account, permanently suspended since January 20021, after staging a poll cant that in his head sounded like "democracy" and the voice of the people and I don't know how much more bullshit. All as phoney as a cardboard penny, given Melon' s herd of millions of bots as his followers.

But Trump's tongue has already stated that he has no intention of tweeting again because he is doing very well with the Twitter clone he set up for himself (which he christened Truth Social, you have to laugh). Melón's face looked like an asshole, and it was hard to beat the one he normally wears.

In short, pure junk politics in person and virtually.

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