Rubiales suspended

Rubiales suspended

Rubiales suspended. Cartoon of 27/08/2023 in CTXT

FIFA provisionallysuspended Luis Rubiales for his non-consensual kiss with Jenni Hermoso. For 90 days he will not be allowed to engage in any football-related activity at national and international level.

Furthermore, FIFA orders Rubiales, the RFEF and its officials or employees to refrain from contacting or attempting to contact Jennifer Hermoso or her close associates.

This measure, taken on 26 August, is a precautionary measure while disciplinary proceedings are underway. These days have seen several resignations and little by little more positions are appearing, including those of footballers and other sportsmen and women and clubs, while the news continues to spread around the world.

Finally, the public prosecutor’s office has opened proceedings against Rubiales for sexual assault and offered Hermoso to appear as a victim, while the mother began a hunger strike“barricading herself” in a church in the town of Motril, Granada. There, a couple of hundred locals demonstrated in support of Rubiales and demonstrations were organised in different towns and cities by the association Feminismos Madrid in support of Jennifer Hermoso.

Some clueless people are now beginning to discover that in football, as well as corruption by the bucketload, there is machismo.

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