Translation of the cartoon: "And if the attacks on the unity of Spain do not stop, we will ask to leave the solar system".


Cartoon of 21/12/2019 in CTXT

This "Spexit" pod (also baptized with other crazy combinations of Spain + exit) is not new. The "Spexiters" suggest or call for Spain's exit from the EU.

There are references to the thing from at least 2012 that are attributed to the journalist. bMatthew Lynn chen he used "Spexit" to refer to a hypothetical exit of Spain from the euro, but it has now been reactivated, especially in the case of the in Twitter, after the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on case C-502/19, Junqueras Vies.

Some media are already talking about the "birth" of an "anti-Europeanist platform". As far as is known, it is nothing more than a tantrum bounced on social networks by two or three more or less popular or media personalities. Hermann Tertch and other deputies of VOX have given it a spin. It is as "official" as those petitions for signatures on that cool Internet site that the media like to cite so much to build news that have not yet reached the category of such.

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