Juan Carlos I visits Spain

Juan Carlos I visits Spain. Cartoon of 15/04/2023 in CTXT Well, we now know that the tax delinquent has returned to Spain for a few days off, which he has more than earned. The colleague arrived in Vigo yesterday in a luxurious Bombardier Global 5000

50 seconds

Translation of the cartoon:50 seconds waiting!What's next?We have to open the door ourselves?They'll talk to us as "you"?The service is terrible 50 seconds. Cartoon of 15/10/2022 in CTXT That's how long Felipito and Leti had to wait for Pedro Sánchez, that"republican" The couple of self-sacrificing

Cheeky people

Cheeky people. Cartoon of 18/06/2022 in CTXT Isabel Díaz Ayuso has squandered 110,000 euros of public money on a bust to suck up to Felipito number 6. This hideous sculpture of about a hundred kilos will be planted in the seat of the regional government

New bandits

New bandits. Cartoon of 21/05/2022 in CTXT Needless to say, there isn't a living thing that hasn't heard about the subsidised five-day tour of Spain by this famous bandit. The former king, heir to the throne, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Slaughterer of various

Royal Household Transparency Decree

TR: Organ adapted for audits of the Royal Household."Story" Court. Decree of transparency of the Royal House. Cartoon of 30/04/2022 in CTXT In December 2020, Pedro Sánchez announced a "roadmap" for the renewal of the monarchy, he said it without laughing. Well, the parade entered