Gaturron't, cartoons against Gaturro

There are things that are only possible in Argentina and Gaturron't is one of them. I think it's the first exhibition of its kind that I've seen and I'm almost certain that it's unprecedented in the world of graphic humour. It is the first thematic

Nik accused of plagiarism, again

Nik and plagiarism, it goes on and on On the left, the cover of The Economist of 28 March, by Luca D'Urbino. On the right the May cartoon by Cristian Dzwonik, Nik. The Italian illustrator Luca D'Urbino published a message in Twitter addressed to the

Nik and the eternal plagiarism

Nik and eternal plagiarism If there is one thing that provokes the most anger and rejection among artists and the public, it is plagiarism, second only to fantasising and lying. The rest of the minor sins are usually forgivable, as they are blamed on the