Real estate market

Real estate market. Cartoon of 13/08/2023 in CTXT No matter how much the different governments tell you that they are doing little things to solve the eternal problem of housing, none of those who call themselves social democrats are thinking of really standing up to

De-occupy companies

De-occupy companies. Cartoon of 06/08/2023 in CTXT Translation of the cartoon: "Your profile doesn't fit the job of mediator" Imagine that one of those squatters that Antena 3 says invade a hundred houses every day, have colonised your house and you need someone to throw



Euribor, cartoon of 25/09/2022 in CTXT The Euribor rose to 2.5% in daily rate, marking its highest level since 2009. If it continues to rise, we could once again see scenarios as screwed up as those seen in 2008.


Pastimes, cartoon of 24/09/2022 on CTXT Begoña Villacís was photographed with her henchmen dismantling shantytowns in Ventas, Tetuán and Villaverde Alto and took the opportunity to mix the two by talking about "occupation". "While others open their doors to them, in Madrid we are working

Roundtable, comics and housing activism

Submitted by Xavi Franch. Wednesday 23 February, at 18.30h, at the Jaume Fuster Library (Plaça de Lesseps, 20). The Jaume Fuster Library is organising, together with the FAVB, the El Coll Civic Centre, and the District of Gràcia a round table with neighbourhood activists and