Tailor-made enemies

Tailor-made enemies

They have succeeded, there is no news item about the murder of Isabel Carrasco that does not have another one embedded in it about the arrests of tweeters, calls for the "regulation" of the territory of internet evil, the hatred of digital poisoners and the like. This issue has ended up soaking up even the information about the elections.

The interest of many in politicising the event is striking, but knowing that they couldn't turn a personal vendetta into a matter of the good us versus the bad themthe fact is that they have pulled out the storehouse of distractions, forcing us to witness one of the crudest manoeuvres to divert attention in recent years. It is textbook, what works best in these cases is to introduce a new enemy, or the same one in an internet version. It won't even be noticed.

It is worth remembering that from minute zero there were many people working hard on this. To try to see it in perspective, it is enough to rewind the chronology of events.

TVE elaborated a piece on the first "bad" tweets that was a copy of a rickety note made by La Gaceta with two tweets. Already in their evening talk show they had devoted a more than generous amount of time to creating a climate of alarm. It seemed like the end of the world had arrived. Journalist Fernando Jáuregui insists that Tuiter is full of outlaws and thugs.

The rest of the journalists at the table joined in the dramatisation, then came the call from Mañueco (PP) adding that on social networks a lot of damage is done anonymously and that measures had to be taken quickly. Another person at the table said that Twitter was a sewer. And a female talk show host called for a crackdown on the miscreants on Twitter.

Curbing free speech

The Minister of the Interior rushed to announce that the bad guys would be caught, elements of the PP repeated the same song, UPyD also joined in, some misguided member of the PSOE proposed the umpteenth"observatory", but the party came out of the woodwork, and even a police union called for heads. All of them are accompanied by a hammering from TVE, and many other media, to urgently claim that the things that are written on Tuiter are a major social problem of the first magnitude, on which it is necessary to legislate in the heat of the moment. Regulate, they say. And they quickly began to stop it ex officio.

The rest has been a festival of fuss, even the tato has given his opinion, demonstrating that there is no measure when our mouths get hot, the social networks are full of sons of bitches, says the intellectual who specialises in the taco for the applause of the tasca.

In the end, almost everyone ends up giving in with their mouths shut. There are already laws for everything, but they can always be twisted, made thematic and, if need be, drafted to taste. A la carte if necessary. It's all just a matter of getting on.

and how cool would it be to look up the penal code and have a blue version exclusively for tweeters?

who can refuse such a perverse and ambiguous enemy as "the giants"?


Politician regulating the internet

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