Cartoon translation:

"Would you be so kind as to tell me your name so that I can address you?"


Telemarketers seem to want to come out of the harassment wardrobe, but they can't quite make up their minds.

They are pissed off that we are pissed off. They feel indignant when they receive insults and ask for respect, but they continue to ruin naps, a cultural asset of this country, with their continuous spam calls. Because they are based on the purest spam, in order to trick 40 people, they are screwing 40 million people.

Far from openly admitting their abuses and persecutions, no matter how obliged they claim to be, they have started to express themselves anonymously on the internet as if they were hitmen, showing themselves almost as victims of the consumerist society. Fear of dismissal and "it's what they order us to do" are the most repeated arguments, the same as always.

If they want to appear to be better professionals and do something to dignify their profession, they could create a Wikileaks with the list of shitty practices of those companies they worked or work for and, of course, they could publish the evidence of their scams and businesses with our personal data.

And then remedy it.

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